Help me pack for the UK in July.
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I'll be spending three weeks this summer travelling over the UK (Sussex, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, and Gloucestershire). It's a work thing, so I'll be expected to dress nicely (business casual), but I'll also be doing a lot of walking and standing around outdoors.

I expect I'll need some decent rainwear, but I really have no idea what would be best for that time of year. Should I bring packable wellies? Or just some decent waterproof shoes? And what kind of rain jacket? It seems that they're predicting this will be the hottest summer on record for the UK, but how hot is that?

And if anyone has some suggestions for a nice looking small daypack that would go with nicer clothing, please let me know!

I am a female in my early thirties, and while I like to dress fairly fashionably I'm very willing to sacrifice that for the sake of being warm and dry.
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Hot in the UK is maybe 33 degrees max. Our weather is being very variable at the moment, so layers is the thing!

You don't need wellies or waterproof shoes, just bring one pair of shoes that won't be completely ruined if it rains a bit. At that time of year people mostly go hiking in hiking trainer type things (if that's what you mean by walking).

If you have a very light waterproof then you can use it over a t-shirt or over a jumper depending on the temperature. Bring a pair of lightweight quick drying walking trousers (I have 3/4 length ones) if you are doing lots of hiking.
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Oh gosh don't listen to any long term predictions about our weather. They just do them to sell papers.

You need layers. Nice tops, a couple of vest tops, some others with short sleeves, cardigans, maybe a warmer sweater for the cooler evenings, a couple of nice scarfs are also handy then. A lightweight waterproof jacket will do you fine. Lightweight tights for the cooler days, bare legs on warmer days. An umbrella for when it rains.

You don't need wellies unless you're actually going to be spending time in fields. If you are actually doing that, I'd go for good waterproof shoes, and if you happen to land here in the middle of a horrendous wet British summer, buy wellies here if you need then

There will be one day when you misjudge it and end up walking in the rain wearing sandals. We all do that at some point.

I can't do Fahrenheit, but our hottest days are usually 25-30°C, most summer days range from the late teens to early twenties. It can be really variable though, and we can get miserable cold days in August, and other times it's sunny and doesn't dip below 25 for a week.
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Buy your rain jacket, wellies, umbrella, rain hat, whatever, in Britain. No place in the world offers as much choice and value on wet weather clothing. Also: get your shoes there. You will also notice that the soles on shoes in Britain tend to be much thicker and solid than those in the US or elsewhere (particularly Clarke's) Makes sense when the ground you walk on 50% of the time is wet.
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I will say that when I had to walk home in Snowpocalypse a couple of months ago, my Clarks were PERFECT. My feet were kept warm and dry and they are VERY comfortable. I walked about 3 miles that day.

Don't go nuts with packing everything in the world. Do a capsule wardrobe. I've noticed that in the UK, that clothing is usually a background for a neat scarf or necklace.

Have fun!
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Layers. Light waterproof shell on top: I'd say "with a hood", because I despise umbrellas, but also because it's less pain than carrying a brolly that you will lose as an offering to the Vengeful Brolly Gods.

Wellies are probably overkill unless Britain decides to do a Noah re-enactment.
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