What bullshit is my mom talking?
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I was talking to my mom last night and at one point in the conversation, she wanted to call something bullshit, but she is extremely opposed to swearing, so she used a euphemism instead. It was so funny that my partner and I both burst out laughing when she said it, but neither of us can remember it now. Help me identify it!

What I do remember about the phrase:

-It absolutely was a compound noun with the abbreviation BS; she didn't use a euphemism like "bullpucky" or "horsefeathers".

-It was absolutely as church-lady and G-rated as "horsefeathers". She regularly uses phrases like "H-E-double-hockey-sticks" and "fiddlesticks".

-I think the B word in the compound noun was an animal, perhaps even bull, but I'm not 100%.

-I'm not sure if she used an existing euphemism, or just made it up on the fly.

(I know I could just ask her, but I'm not sure she would remember, and I don't want her to think I'm making fun of her. Which I'm not! I think my Mary Poppins-mouthed mom is adorable.)
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Bull socks!
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Ooh, I hope Elsa is right and it's "bugspit"!

But. My grandmother used to say 'bullshark' - I've never heard anyone else use it, but maybe?
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I'm pretty sure I've heard bull-stink before.

Possibly bull sweat, too.

And I've definitely heard bugspit, too, like Elsa says.
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Bull ess-hit.
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bull squirt?
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Oh, maybe bushwa? It's not really a compound B S word, but it sounds like it could be one. My dad used that one a lot.

I can think of a lot of others that aren't B S words, too (balderdash, malarky, arkymalarky, etc.), so if you're not positive about that part, I'll be happy to try to list as many related Dad swears I can remember. I do enjoy writing lists of swears.
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Penn Jillette, who had a show named "Bullshit" on Showtime, used to call the show "Bulls Hit" while on radio.
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Baloney sandwich? (Heard that one at Christian camp as a kid.)
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Bull shorts?
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Bucket of Spit? or Buckitaspit!
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Bravo Sierra?
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Beaver spit
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Anything from this list ring a bell?

Another found while googling:
Bull monkey
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[Hey folks, a few answers deleted; OP says the initials must be "B. S."]
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As a child I had wonderful, very British grandparents.
In such situations my Grandad would say either "Bullroar!" (not BS, i know)
or "Bullsuace!"
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Bob Smith
Bull Sauce
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Bull Spit
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It isn't a compound noun, but a grade school teacher of mine used "buffalo shoes" as a euphemism. I always liked that one.
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