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Sex toy disposal
February 25, 2012 3:22 PM   Subscribe

What do you do with sex toys that you no longer want?

My partner and I have some sex toys that we no longer have any use for; however, I am really not sure how to go about getting rid of these toys. I know this seems ridiculous, i.e., First World problems. But, do you just toss a strap-on in the trash? Do you go to a recycling center? Is there a sex toy second-hand store?
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I just put mine in the bin. They were just made from materials that other things are made from, so I didn't think they needed to be disposed of in any special way.
posted by thylacinthine at 3:30 PM on February 25, 2012

Just throw it out.
posted by jejune at 3:31 PM on February 25, 2012

Put it in the garbage.
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Is there a sex toy second-hand store?

Surely not. Just throw em away
posted by holdkris99 at 3:34 PM on February 25, 2012

Is there a sex toy second-hand store?

Who on earth would buy anything there? :) Just throw them out. Donate $10 to the World Wildlife Fund or something if you feel guilty about it, but, yeah. Trash.
posted by Snarl Furillo at 3:34 PM on February 25, 2012

Put in garbage.
Related story: My sister found a bright blue dildo in the pocket of a handbag she bought at a thrift store. She was very, very grossed out.
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I swear I once saw an online shop where you could send in your old sex toys to exchange for new recycled (and I assume sterilized) ones. Not sure how well that business fared.

It seems wasteful, but throwing 'em out is the best solution.
posted by Metroid Baby at 3:45 PM on February 25, 2012

A lot of efforts that people make to donate things instead of throwing them away probably just result in someone else pitching them, anyway. As far as I know, there is no issue with dildos leaching into the groundwater or anything; I say bag and toss.
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Yeah, removing the batteries (if any) and recycling them before you discard the useless, inert husks seems to be about the best you can do. You can call your civic center to find out where/when you can recycle the batteries. Do not just put them in your recycle bin!
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Is there a sex toy second-hand store?

Er - I have no idea what "refurbish" means in this context, but:
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cromagnon... Holy used dildo!! I never would have thought such a business existed; but, well, there it is. The dildo recycling symbol is quite possibly the best thing I have seen all week.
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Scarletgirl, etc, etc.
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Dan Savage did a column on this a while back. He suggested sending them to a TV news reporter who was doing anti sex toy reporting or something. This was silly and petty and also the controversy is from 2008, so probably irrelevant at this point, but it does have some basic information on what most people do with their old sex toys.

Scarletgirl gives you a coupon for money off NEW sex toys though so that might be more useful to you.
posted by NoraReed at 5:04 PM on February 25, 2012

We, um, friends of ours hid theirs in a brown paper bag and put them in the trash at a gas station.
posted by Occula at 6:05 PM on February 25, 2012

Toys with built in rechargeable batteries shouldn't be thrown in the trash; their batteries need to be properly disposed of. You can find a location that will take these items here.
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[I'm sure you can all think of creative things to do but maybe answer the question please?]
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I have a small group of friends I trust and am very comfortable sharing intimate things with, and every once in awhile we do a toy-swap. I know it sounds like a terrible and kinda creepy idea in general, but really, if it's sterilizable and comes from someone I trust, why not exchange that glass g-spotter that I never actually use for an awesome purple silicone dildo that doesn't quite work for my best friend?
posted by rhiannonstone at 4:58 PM on February 26, 2012

(And when it comes to stuff that can't be cleaned to my satisfaction, or just regrettable purchases of crappy toys I wouldn't wish on anyone, I just remove the batteries and toss 'em in the trash.)
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