How do I thaw a half-frozen, half-unfrozen steak?
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I have two gorgeous bistro steaks that I was hoping to cook tonight, but my fridge was temperamental this weekend and froze half of each steak solid (the other halves are a non-frozen, safe temperature). Is there any way of thawing the frozen halves out? Do I just cut the steaks in half? Feed me, Metafilter!
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put each in a plastic bag, in a bowl of cold water in the sink with a trickle of cold water running into it. should be thawed in less than an hour. or so i'm told.
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Put each in a quart zipper baggie. Immerse baggie in warm water. Wait one hour or so. Cook as usual
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I'm not sure if the question makes it clear, but the steaks are half-frozen on one end, and pretty much ready to cook on the other end. Will immersing in cold water harm the thawed part somehow? That's what I'm unclear on.
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Run over it with cold water, not warm water. The non frozen side will be fine.
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Oh for an edit button. I usually just immerse in cool water in a bowl (meat in a ziploc) and change the water every ten minutes or so.
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It will take very little time to defrost the frozen bits, and the entire kit and caboodle will be kept at refrigerator temperature for the duration. Water conducts heat more efficiently than air, so this is why this is a safe, fast thawing method.
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Thank you for saving my dinner, Metafilter :)
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