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No ATM Fees
May 28, 2005 7:23 AM   Subscribe

Moving from Philly to NYC tomorrow. I use PNC Bank. Philly has Wawas with no-ATM fees for withdraws. Any similar ATM machines in NYC with no ATM fees?

Thanks. I am returning to Philly in August, so there's no use switching banks. I just don't want to pay 2 bucks every time I need to withdraw, and I don't like carrying large amounts of cash.
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I lived in NYC for five years (just moved away) and the only no-fee ATMs I ever saw were at Washington Mutual branches.

Your bank, however, may still charge you for using another bank's ATM.
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Washington Mutual is the only one I know of, too. But remember, getting cash back at a store is free, so if you can find stores you shop at that give cash back, you can do that, too.
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PNC has a couple of locations in New York, including Penn Station & Manhattan Mall (Herald Square). So that's always an option. Where are you going to be living in New York?
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Living at Columbia, working in midtown. I tried to get NYU housing, but it was full.

Thanks for your help everyone. :)
posted by moooshy at 8:21 AM on May 28, 2005

Getting cash back whenever you can is the best trick I've found...Also, paying for groups with my credit card at restaurants and collecting everyone's cash. Points and free cash!
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All the NYC McDonald's have 99 cent ATMs, so that's not exactly free, but it's still less than the $1.50 most brances charge.

I live up by Columbia, we should have a mini uptown mefi meetup.
posted by splatta at 8:58 AM on May 28, 2005

but be careful of double charges--one from the atm you use, and another from your bank for using a different bank's atm (or bodega/other atm). Commerce Bank has a thing where they'll pay the other bank's atm fees if yr balance is high enough.
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Signature Bank was (at least the last time I check) fee-free on alien ATM cards. They have a number of midtown locations.
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A number of banks (particularly those with no or relatively few retail banking locations, such as Internet banks) have a deal where they'll rebate up to a certain number of ATM fees a month. For example, State Farm Bank does this up to five times a month. eTrade has unlimited ATM rebates if you maintain at least a $5,000 balance. This is a bit steep, but at least you'll earn some interest; if you have a few grand in a typical bank savings account now, that might work.
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