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August 4

Save for a house, or save for retirement?

Which should come first once I start making more money: save for a house, or save for retirement and a 6 month safety net? [more inside]
posted by Hermione Granger at 9:04 PM - 16 answers

Career rechanneling advice for a Canadian law-talking guy

I'm a lawyer in Ontario, and I'm considering a career change, but I'm trying to find a realistic career option that both works with my skillset and which satisfies at least some of what I want from work at this point. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 1:28 PM - 5 answers

August 3

Writing a consulting contract

I'm starting a consulting company that offers IT advice to small businesses/startups. I need a contract that my customers will sign agreeing to payment, terms, etc, with liability protection. [more inside]
posted by unreason at 12:56 PM - 3 answers

How do I deal with Millennial disappointment?

I'm 30 and, like a lot of Millennials, worse off than my parents were at my age. Rents continue to rise and I don't see a lot of (economic) hope for me and my partner. We're unbelievably blessed in many ways, but still probably closed off from the way of life we had growing up and mistakenly expected to continue in our own adulthood. Please help me work through this emotionally? [more inside]
posted by MetaFilter World Peace at 11:21 AM - 39 answers

When to say "thanks, but no thanks"

I've been accepted for an MS program starting in September. I recently learned that I'm still in the running for a really interesting opportunity that I would have jumped at a couple months ago. Is this the point where I need to tell them "sorry, already doing something else"? [more inside]
posted by btfreek at 11:06 AM - 4 answers

Should I explain a medical issue when accepting a job offer?

I have a job offer to start in New York in September. I am in California, and had knee surgery last week. How much of this should I discuss with the employer when accepting the job? [more inside]
posted by crocodiletsunami at 10:57 AM - 11 answers

Buying a house in Fresno...

I'm going to be purchasing a house soon in a relatively economically depressed area that has little chance of a renaissance (Fresno, CA). I'm hoping to purchase a duplex/triplex, or a house with a mother-in-law unit so that I can live in the back and rent the main house. While this will be my home, I want to treat it more like an investment. The idea of going into debt for shelter make me unhappy; the idea of eventually (10 to 15 years) getting a positive income stream from the whole thing helps. [more inside]
posted by Nonce at 8:34 AM - 5 answers

Handling an overwhelming #of tasks at work; both small big ones

I have a problem with balance between numerous low importance tasks and the ones that really drive business. I find that sometimes I am too focused on the little things to keep from being buried. Everything seems urgent. How do I deal? [more inside]
posted by Che boludo! at 7:23 AM - 3 answers

Jump ship or hold the course

I've been with the same Organization "Alpha" for five years and have been growing more and more dissatisfied. I'm on parental leave now and they have promised me a better position to return to than the one I left. Meanwhile, the boss of Organization "Beta" called me personally and offered me a job there. Both jobs have pros and cons and I can't decide which is the way to go. [more inside]
posted by arcticwoman at 7:17 AM - 10 answers

Waste Management ignoring our garbage, taking our money

Waste Management has provided terrible service, failing to pick up our trash and refusing to allow us to cancel our service. They're even threatening us with debt collection if we dispute the credit card charge. What can we do? [more inside]
posted by arniec at 6:53 AM - 9 answers

August 2

Graduate advisor thinks I'm being taken advantage of at my new job.

I am a new teacher and also enrolled in an M.A. program for secondary education. Recently the head of the Education program at my university called me and gave a piece of her mind. She wants to contact either the principal or the superintendent. Should I take her up on this offer? Need to decide soon. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 11:35 PM - 11 answers

Perform A Miracle? Bad Mistake in the Food Service Biz.

Worst rookie mistake ever. My very young cousin misspelled the company name on an order for restaurant tableware, glasses, souvenirs etc. Enough for 6 locations. Is there any way to recoup any of the loss? [more inside]
posted by snsranch at 6:46 PM - 15 answers

Technology certifications that would lend some street cred

Are there any short certifications that would help someone a non-technical person signal that they have some knowledge of how technologies work? [more inside]
posted by Chaussette and the Pussy Cats at 9:26 AM - 10 answers

Non-monetary rewards

How do you reward yourself (for achieving goals big or small) without spending money? [more inside]
posted by nightrecordings at 9:15 AM - 13 answers

Auto-generating individual schedules from a master schedule?

Last year, my school used a google spreadsheet as a master schedule, both in general and for days that differed from our normal weekly schedule. It was very effective for knowing where a certain class was or who was using a certain room, but it was not teacher-friendly. I'd like a way to take the master schedule and auto-generate a teacher's individual schedule. Is there a way to do so without a lot of extra work? Specifics inside. [more inside]
posted by wiskunde at 8:34 AM - 5 answers

What to do when a therapy client obviously has a cold.

You're a psychotherapist, your client comes in for a scheduled appointment and seems to have a cold (runny nose, coughing, blowing their nose, sneezing). The client says "It's just allergies." [more inside]
posted by HuronBob at 3:37 AM - 33 answers

August 1

Please explain credit cards to me the way you would to your teen

I am in my late twenties and beginning to realize I don't understand how credit cards work and that they kind of matter. [more inside]
posted by Otis the Lion at 2:18 PM - 25 answers

What exactly does "laboratory services" mean on an EOB?

I had blood work done recently. The lab results show five tests, two of which are on the list of free preventative services, implying (at least to me) that I probably shouldn't be paying for them. The EOB from the insurance company lists five items, three of which are describing matching the lab results and the last two are just "laboratory services". Are these actual lab costs or are they hiding the HIV and syphilis tests? [more inside]
posted by hoyland at 11:09 AM - 5 answers

How can I make the best of an interview for a job I don't think I want?

I have an interview coming up for a job that I think might actually be a step backward, careerwise. What are some diplomatic ways I can ask if this job would have opportunities for advancement? Do you have any other suggestions for ways to use this interview as practice for future ones? Thanks!
posted by Argyle Road at 9:14 AM - 11 answers

What made your internships awesome?

I work at a high level in a communications agency in London, UK. We currently have a pretty regular roster of mainly young people doing internships. Personally, I think the current program is a bit useless (without going into details) and would like to make some tangible suggestions to improve it. People work with us anywhere from two weeks to three months, and primarily on our digital, consumer PR and B2B PR teams. What made your internship(s) valuable? Were there any qualities/approaches that stood out? [more inside]
posted by teststrip at 5:11 AM - 17 answers

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