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July 24

How do I quit when my boss will take it very personally?

A few months ago I took a new job in a new field for me. Because I can't cope with my boss and her management style, I have decided to give notice tomorrow. I cannot stay, but the thought of actually telling her tomorrow that I am resigning, and then having to ride out the next two weeks in the office, has me breaking out in a cold sweat even now. How do I do this? [more inside]
posted by that possible maker of pork sausages at 11:23 PM - 25 answers

Has the ship sailed on making money as an Amazon merchant?

I'm interested in becoming an Amazon merchant that uses order fulfillment processing by Amazon, but I have some questions about how to make it profitable. [more inside]
posted by Gosha_Dog at 9:35 PM - 7 answers

Moving a baby grand piano 90 miles on a budget

I need to move a baby grand piano about 90 miles. It is the only thing moving. If you have done this, will you share your tips? Would it be cost effective to rent a truck, hire movers to load the piano, drive the truck myself the 90 miles, and hire different movers to unload the piano? [more inside]
posted by starkraven at 8:46 AM - 9 answers

July 23

Hope for freelancers with scatterbrained, ungrounded thinking?

I'm a freelance writer, and the freedom I have means that walls of the maze that is my ADHD brain are always shifting...I think I need help in prioritizing, where I can balance my immediate income needs with longer term plans that will bring me more income in the future. [more inside]
posted by Cybria at 7:53 AM - 3 answers

Saving for a big trip - mattress or savings account or what?

There are early rumblings that my cousins might start planning our next family reunion (an every four years thing) in Italy for summer 2018. How can I best start saving now to make this a possibility for me, a person of modest means? [more inside]
posted by pantarei70 at 7:35 AM - 12 answers

Productivity: What's the new GTD?

David Allen's "Getting Things Done" came out in 2001. It's transformed productivity, but the book is outdated in many ways (it predates smartphones). What book or methodology represents "the new GTD?"
posted by zooropa at 6:48 AM - 9 answers

Poach me! Poach me!

I work at a big company, in Department X. The company hired a new C-level executive to form Department Y six months ago, and he has said very nice things about my work publicly, on several occasions. Department Y could totally use someone like me -- and this guy has won my (professional) heart. How do I maximize my chances of being poached? [more inside]
posted by pH Indicating Socks at 1:16 AM - 8 answers

July 22

Do I have to use my employer's HSA provider?

Ever since being introduced to the wonderful world of HSAs and FSAs, I have been moved around from one provider to another every few months due to various life & work upheavals. Now that I have an HSA it's especially annoying because that is my money, and I want to manage it with the provider of my choice. [more inside]
posted by bleep at 2:31 PM - 5 answers

Put money toward 401k or credit card debt?

Do I put pennies toward my empty, matched 401(k) or pennies toward my slowly accruing credit card debt? [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 2:15 PM - 19 answers

July 21

Bored with my job

Too good to leave, too bad to stay: job edition. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 12:17 AM - 4 answers

I was poached internally - how to mitigate the fallout?

I was approached by the manager of a different department than the one I work in (same company). She asked me about my interest in a position in her department. I hadn't considered it previously, but after doing more research, I decided that it would be a great move for me, as I'll be making quite a bit more money than I'm making now and it's a fantastic growth opportunity. She asked me to keep the interviews, hiring procedures, etc. quiet with my current managers until the details were finalized. I wasn't super comfortable with this (I'm close with my current team), but did what was requested of me. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 12:17 AM - 30 answers

July 20

Should I rent or should I buy now?

I'm 40 and single, and have been renting for all of my adult life. I'm now in a position where I can buy if I want to. I'm starting to do initial research and attempt to get a better understanding of my options and what the best decision is for me. [more inside]
posted by bunderful at 4:18 PM - 27 answers

Most effective donation strategy for 2016 election?

If I am in a position to make the maximum legal donation to the Clinton campaign this year, should I worry about timing it for best effect? [more inside]
posted by murphy slaw at 1:48 PM - 8 answers

How can I streamline my resume? Should I?

My current work responsibilities are...complicated and various. My resume looks cluttered as a result. How can I better organize things, given that functional resumes are seen as dodgy? [more inside]
posted by Frowner at 7:37 AM - 6 answers

Regrets about no negotiating job offer

I left a job where I had plenty of privileges for a new job that I love but has no perks [more inside]
posted by 3dd at 5:50 AM - 7 answers

Third Day on Job - Problematic Recommendation Request

My wife is on the third day of her job, and has to give a diplomatic but honest response regarding someone who applied to the company and may or may not have listed her as a reference. [more inside]
posted by glaucon at 4:41 AM - 15 answers

July 19

Tell me about becoming/being a UX editor or copywriter

I'm an experienced editor (of all sorts) and writer (primarily journalism but also have had short gigs writing copy for social media and for a mobil app interface). Long ago I analysed a client's website to see if it was user-friendly or hostile. I'm really good at understanding customer perspectives and advocating for users. Also, I'm an old. How might I go about getting such a job? And would such a job, in the Bay Area, be lucrative? [more inside]
posted by Bella Donna at 3:32 PM - 6 answers

How can I, an American, get funding for a PhD in France?

I was accepted into a PhD program in France. I was invited to compete for a limited number of 'contracts' which come with a salary. I came up just short in this competition, but for a number of reasons have decided that this is an opportunity I wish to pursue. . . . but I need money and don't want to take on debt. [more inside]
posted by os tuberoes at 1:42 PM - 6 answers

What can I do to set myself up for success in a work from home job?

I recently accepted a new job that will be completely remote. I'll be staring in about a week. What can I do now and in the first few weeks of the new job to create good habits and organization? [more inside]
posted by chatongriffes at 1:11 PM - 22 answers

Domestic cleaning agencies in central London likely to hire a retiree?

Asking for a friend who is a fit 65 and is needs casual employment as a cleaner. The catch: she has no formal cleaning experience or references. What central London agencies might hire without experience and/or offer training? [more inside]
posted by OlivesAndTurkishCoffee at 7:51 AM - 0 answers

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