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Why did they bother pulping in the first place?
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How can I get an awesome engraved diploma?

Where can I go locally (Brooklyn, NY) for an engraved diploma?

I'm talking about the images that show up here. I get the feeling that this is the kind of thing that would be cheaper to do locally than over the internet, and I'm looking for recommendations, etc, on a place to do it.

I want to be able to walk into a place with a file with all of the text and artwork I want; I want to choose a plaque, and have it laser cut. Ideally, this won't cost me too much. Turnaround time isn't that big a deal. If it's necessary (or better) to get the parts and work separately, I'm all for it.

So if you've had this done (or you do it!), please tell me where to start – what type of wood is best? Is this practical at all? What type of computer file do I need? Anything else I've missed?

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Pretty much any local trophy shop and plaques business will be able to do this provided they have a laser engraver. I don't know how willing they will be to accept your files and engrave them for you, it probably depends a lot on the owners of the shop and their level of technical expertise. In any case, if they can laser engrave a photograph they probably can engrave your diploma.
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