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Laser therapy recommendations for Toronto?
October 27, 2008 7:56 AM   Subscribe

Can anyone recommend a Toronto-based laser clinic for facial/skin treatments? It makes me a bit nervous to think of just picking one out of the yellow pages, and I can't even seem to find any customer reviews of laser clinics on the web.
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Your best bet is in-person, "word-of-mouth" - do you go to a nail salon regularly? Chances are, they may have opinions, next your stylist, etc... Friends, co-workers, etc. After all - many "reviews" of local places are placed by employee's/owners - on the internet anyone can register any name/email address.

(I know this because my wife has investigated (Calgary though) - heck, I even tried laser for my hairy back - except.... well, I would have had to re-mortgage the house to keep going for repeated treatments as one did not do the trick)
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I've never been to a nail salon in my life, and I don't think my hairdresser would know anything about this kind of thing. I also don't know anyone who has had this sort of thing done.
posted by orange swan at 4:13 PM on October 27, 2008

I've gone to Bellair Laser and a dermatologist on Bloor Street. I was looking for a specific laser-type that was best for my skin.

Bellair is great - in Yorkville, good prices for new patients. Definitely more spa-like.

I preferred to go to a dermatologist for facial laser stuff. The Bellair people were fine, but a bit casual. I figured if something went wrong with my face, at least the derm would know how to fix.

Dr. Schracter on Bloor - I think the website has a lame name like '' or something. Just know that the Dr. prices are very expensive!

There was one called the Toronto Laser Clinic I think that had Drs on staff that I thought of trying but it was too far up north. Good luck!
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