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July 7, 2016

Help and advice for emergency international trip

Emergency England travel advice. My sister is very sick and I need to get to England as soon as possible. I am in Nashville, TN USA. Where can I get the cheapest plane tickets? Do I need to clear cookies from my browser every time I search, or is there a site that is best? If I fly into Heathrow are there trains to Brighton? I will have my infant with me also. Any advice welcome.
posted by Locative around Brighton, England at 10:01 AM - 41 answers

July 2, 2012

A tourist in Brighton, England

What are a few interesting things to do/see in Brighton, England this afternoon? [more inside]
posted by mandymanwasregistered around Brighton, England at 2:19 AM - 8 answers

June 10, 2012

Brighton UK - what's it like?

I've seen a job posting in Brighton, UK, and the job looks great. But I know nothing about the city. Help me figure out if it could be right for me! [more inside]
posted by EatMyHat around Brighton, England at 12:48 PM - 8 answers

May 22, 2007

Things to do whilst on holiday in Brighton. (UK)

What holiday things can I do in Brighton (UK)? [more inside]
posted by seanyboy around Brighton, England at 10:29 AM - 13 answers has best

November 16, 2005

Budget accomodation in Brighton

Where is a good *cheap* place to stay in Brighton, UK? Hostels, B+Bs, guestohouses, campsites and budget hotels? [more inside]
posted by jwhittlestone around Brighton, England at 5:40 AM - 5 answers