Things to do whilst on holiday in Brighton. (UK)
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What holiday things can I do in Brighton (UK)?

I'm off to Brighton in June and wondered what touristy things the g/f and I can do. I'm looking for good restaurant recommendations, nice places to walk around, exciting exhibitions or galleries, and generally romantic things to do. I'll be situated near the Marina; I'm not looking for anything too strenuous, loud or drink fuelled; and I'm on an average budget. Any ideas?
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the beach of course, board walk, pier, and there is some kind of big asian subcontinent-ish looking array of buildings there, i can't remember what they are, someone help me out....they were closed when i went
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The building Salvatorparadise refers to is likely to be the Royal Pavilion. It's been years since I lived there, so I won't offer restaurant reviews etc., but there's some gorgeous vistas on the coast to either side of Brighton/Hove, and Devil's Dyke is pretty cool, too.
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That would be the Royal Pavillion.
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When I lived in Brighton, I ate weekly in Thai Spice, spent my time drinking in The Cricketers, The Hop Poles, and The Sussex, ate breakfast every weekend in Capers, and went for Sunday roasts at The Coach House.
posted by meerkatty at 11:17 AM on May 22, 2007 is a favourite. It's vegetarian too, so it's kind of a case of 'When in Rome...' (Brighton's full of dirty hippies.)
Oh, and go shopping in the North Laines.
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I highly recommend The Regency Fish Restaurant, and (if your budget will stretch to it) Due South. Brighton Lanes are a bit cutesy for my taste, but North Laine is a great ramble with cafes and bohemian shops. Also, The Cheeky Guide to Brighton is well worth picking up for an irreverant look at what there is to do in the city.
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You might want to consider a quick trip to Lewes, about 20 mins away on the train. Quite a nice little town, different to Brighton.
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Brighton's a great town. I don't live there now, but grew up near there (Steyning). Some of my information might be out of date. I'm not sure if the Dolphinarium is still around or not. Food for Friends for sure. According to the Observer, Terre a Terre.

You can visit the first Body Shop (I remember shopping there when it opened). Across the main street and up from the Pavilion are some streets with funkier, more interesting stores. Maybe see what's on at the Theatre Royal.

Devil's Dyke and the south downs are great if you enjoy that kind of thing. Perhaps a bit of the South Downs Way. Watch the once glorious Brighton and Hove Albion Seagulls.

The British Engineerium was absolutely brilliant when I visited it many years ago and saw the steam pump in action, but it's had some tough times and might not be open.

You'll be close to the pier.

If you can travel from Brighton, it's a straight shot to London, but you can also go along the coast to other places like Chichester. I always enjoyed the Weald and Download Museum near Goodwood, but if you're in Chichester and near the cathedral, make sure you find the Bishop's Gardens.
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For food, try Momma Cherri's Soul Food Kitchen.

And seconding the Weald & Downland Museum, if you're anywhere near it. It's one of the best days out I've ever had, much to my surprise. On paper I didn't fancy it, but it was awesome.
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If you are down between the 2nd and 7th of June and are interested in art then you could go to the University of Brighton Art School Degree Show - usually tons of interesting graduation work in illustration, fine art, fashion etc etc.
Great pub lunches in the Hop Poles, Basketmakers and The Eagle - I'm sure you can find links/maps.
Seconding Food for Friends and Terre a Terre - even if you are not veggie.
If you like arthourse cinema find the Duke of Yorks listings. If you like music and comedy try the Komedia.
Have a lovely time.
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I second Food for Friends! Another nice place to eat is the Eagle pub. Lots of nice homemade food.

To be honest, you can't really go wrong with finding a little bar on the sea front and watching the world go by.
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Whenever I'm in Brighton we always head to Bills for a meal. Half produce store/half restuarant. It's always busy and perhaps a little bit expensive but boy, is it worth it! The food is gorgeous, with a sense of real effort put into each dish. And as for the deserts....well, I know people who go in just for deserts.
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Thank's all.

Food for friends was pretty disappointing. They got the order wrong, forgot several things and the food was average. On the plus side, we got one of the main courses taken off the bill after the g/f moaned about it to to a guy she met outside. (Turned out he was the manager).

The Weald and Download (sic) museum was great, as was Momma Cherri's Soul Food. Also, in what must be the most bizarre of coincidences, I found out upon my return that it had been set up by my Bosses Grandfather.

The Pavilion was exquisite.
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