Budget accomodation in Brighton
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Where is a good *cheap* place to stay in Brighton, UK? Hostels, B+Bs, guestohouses, campsites and budget hotels?

Any good or bad experiences? Places to go or stay away from? I want to get a list for people to stay the night on New Year's Eve.
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What ever you get you'd better book it fast - I work for a Hotel booking company and we've hardly got anything left for New Year's Eve already. You can do a search for all accommodation types and price types here.
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I stayed at Paskin's Town House for a weekend. It's a longish walk from the centre, the rooms aren't great (I *hate* wall to wall carpeting in bathrooms), but the full English (actually I think it was 'Sussex') breakfast is nice and solid (organic and free range sausages! and eggs! and bacon!). It might be just the thing you need on a New Year's Day to confront a vicious hangover.
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I stayed at the Brighton Backpacker's back in 1998. I was on a weekend trip by myself and just wanted someplace cheap to crash. I don't remember anything bad about it at all. It was centrally located and seemed very safe, and I remember liking the whole funky decor thing they had going on. (Though the website says they've renovated; might have changed.)
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Baggies Backpackers, 33 Oriental Palace

Terrific place, very chilled common room in the cellar, free coffee, very close to the sea and the centre of the city, and of course this is of little use to you but the people I met there were tops.
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Chilled? I mean chill of course.
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