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November 11

managing travel receipts for Xledger(is there an app for that??)

I both tend to lose receipts, and even if I've kept hold of them, fail to hold attention all the way through the tedious xledger entry process to actually get the reimbursement form submitted. Does an app exist where I could snap a photo and QUICKLY code it for easy upload/entry later? Bonus points if it specifically works with xledger! [more inside]
posted by iiniisfree at 4:05 AM - 0 answers

November 10

What's a non-Apple replacement for an iPod Nano?

It finally happened: my iPod Nano 7 bit the dust. I bought the Nano 7 as a replacement for a previous Nano 5, even though the 7 was the obviously inferior model, lacking the scroll wheel. I see that the Nano is no longer manufactured in any model, leaving only the iPod Touch, which has all the drawbacks of the 7 and is also way too huge. It's clear that Apple no longer makes products I want to buy, so where do I go from here? [more inside]
posted by Faint of Butt at 12:44 PM - 14 answers

November 8

A 2019 Guide to Laptops

I found a great deal on a laptop (I think!) but I'm woefully out of the game on what to be looking for. I want to use it for school, programming, some games. I mostly want it to last! [more inside]
posted by OnTheLastCastle at 10:24 AM - 4 answers

Do I still need my Apple TV hardware appliance?

Is there any reason to keep my Apple TV (hardware device), if I sign up for Apple TV+ (the streaming app)? This seems like a simple question, but my Google-fu is failing me. [more inside]
posted by akk2014 at 9:15 AM - 7 answers

November 7

Map Making

For an art project, I would like to generate some maps of neighborhoods in various cities, from OpenStreetMap, I guess. I would like to keep this as simple and cheap as possible. [more inside]
posted by 1970s Antihero at 7:15 PM - 5 answers

November 6

Update Calendar Invites in Bulk?

Is is possible to update multiple Outlook calendar invites at once OR create Outlook invites in bulk via a mail merge kind of action? [more inside]
posted by too bad you're not me at 8:44 AM - 1 answers

November 5

Quieting bass guitar practice

I live in a townhouse, and my neighbor has started playing a bass in the evenings, around 8-11pm for 1-2 hours. I get up early and this isn't working well for me. Musicians, what are some equipment solutions I can suggest beyond quiet hours? [more inside]
posted by veery at 5:33 PM - 7 answers

Spellcheck for Google Docs?

My son uses Google Docs for all school work (school requires it). The spellcheck function is atrocious! Are we doing something wrong? Is there a solution? [more inside]
posted by Mid at 9:54 AM - 5 answers

November 4

What kind of doohicky do I need here?

How do I connect this DVD player when the TV is out of HDMI ports? [more inside]
posted by fozzie_bear at 2:28 PM - 5 answers

Materials: Term Used to Describe a Characteristic of Rubber?

My searches have not yielded a good result. Does anyone know the term used to describe the clinginess or stickiness or perhaps grippiness of rubber or rubber-like materials? Examples of products that exhibit of lot of clinginess are those rubber pads for car dashboards that cling to cell phones or adhesive rubber dots used to keep artwork straight on walls, etc. [more inside]
posted by bz at 11:35 AM - 13 answers

November 2

Web browser with "tabs" in 2001

I've been trying to remember the name of a web browser I used in 2001 or 2002. It may have been very niche, as I can't find it on the Wikipedia pages. Details inside. [more inside]
posted by snakeling at 5:11 PM - 11 answers

Speak up!

I listen to music streaming from a classical radio station on my android smartphone. I'd like to hear it through better speakers. I listen through the phone in only one room in my house, so portability is not necessary. What are my options? Under $100, if possible.
posted by Dolley at 6:08 AM - 13 answers

November 1

I want to make my home audio system wireless

1. It's about 40 years old. I have a Luxman receiver, a Luxman turntable, a pair of Advent on-the-floor speakers (13x22 in.), and a Sony CD changer (10 yrs. old). What do I need to do to make the system wireless? [more inside]
posted by feelinggood at 1:53 PM - 12 answers

Do I need to buy new RF outlets?

I have two sets of lamps in my apartment hooked up to two different wireless radio frequency remote control outlets, controlled by two separate remotes. They've worked great for 4 years. A couple weeks ago, both of the remotes stopped activating their outlet unless they were ~3 feet away. I changed the remote batteries and it didn't help. What gives?
posted by quiet coyote at 1:17 PM - 5 answers

ISO Stocking Stuffers: USB edition

My daughter has a USB hub on her nightstand for her IKEA reading light. We also got her a small USB fan. She has two USB slots left! I would love recommendations for other cute/useful kid-friendly USB-powered gadgets.
posted by nkknkk at 7:54 AM - 8 answers

October 31

Left handed digital calipers

I currently use Mitutoyo digital calipers. They are, like so many things, built for right hand use. I am looking for comparable digital calipers in a left hand version.
posted by apex_ at 12:06 PM - 4 answers

Who the heck says Uline?

Is it possible to remove certain words from Google/Android speech recognition results? Generally speaking, the system works perfectly for me, exactly transcribing when I'm saying except when I try to get a carriage return. This feels like insidious product placement, as I can't imagine anyone needing to regularly dictate the name have an office supply company…
posted by lordcorvid at 6:19 AM - 2 answers

October 30

Is there a way to transfer to Google Fi and preserve old phone numbers?

I would like to transfer from my current cell phone plan to Google Fi, for cellular service. I currently have a phone number from my carrier that I use with a lot of people, and an additional Google Voice number that I use with a lot of people. Is there a way to move to Google Fi, while keeping both my old phone number, and my Google Voice number active? [more inside]
posted by andoatnp at 12:33 PM - 4 answers

What is using my phone's data connection.

Every so often my phone (Android LG G5 on giffgaff in the UK) will stop taking to the internet. Pokémon gives me a network error, Google on Chrome says I'm offline. But the 4G icon is lit up showing data going both up and down solidly. Is there anyway to find out what's going on?
posted by Just this guy, y'know at 11:12 AM - 4 answers

October 28

How to share admin responsibility for a neighbourhood's online forum

For several years I’ve run an online forum for my neighbourhood and I’d like to make sure I’m not the only person who has the virtual keys to the website, in case I go under the proverbial bus. But I’m not sure how best to manage this. [more inside]
posted by fabius at 9:42 AM - 3 answers

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