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What advice or words of wisdom would you offer my eighth-grade son on the subject of girls?
comment posted at 4:34 PM on Aug-14-08

Why are the San Francisco sidewalks so wide, and why are so few trees and strips of grass planted between the sidewalk and buildings?
comment posted at 1:38 PM on Aug-13-08

My kitty loves playing with pencils. Problem is, he ends up eating them too, and that can't be good.
comment posted at 6:55 AM on Aug-12-08

I take Enbrel for Psoriatic Arthritis and I want to get pregnant. Doctors have different responses about whether I will have to stop taking it in preparation for and during pregnancy or not. Enbrel is a category B drug. Do I have to suffer joint pain and horrible skin for 9+ months?
comment posted at 11:40 AM on Aug-11-08
comment posted at 11:52 AM on Aug-11-08

Help me come (hehe!) up with a list of songs that are about or refer to orgasms.
comment posted at 9:02 AM on Aug-11-08

As a way to comfort myself when I am worried, nervous, anxious, or sleepless, I plan my own suicide.
comment posted at 3:22 AM on Aug-11-08

Rather than go into the American Dream or the New American Dream, I would like to find out about the real or philosophical "...Dream" of other countries, like what is the New Dutch Dream and the Chinese Dream? Note: don't tell me about sagas! dreams only, please.
comment posted at 12:15 AM on Aug-9-08

What can my triplet infants be for Halloween?
comment posted at 5:23 PM on Aug-7-08

Are there any frugal alternatives to Sea Monkeys?
comment posted at 2:16 PM on Aug-6-08

Can Excel 2003 sort (or filter) primarily on case?
comment posted at 8:39 PM on Jul-30-08
comment posted at 8:59 PM on Jul-30-08
comment posted at 9:03 PM on Jul-30-08
comment posted at 9:07 PM on Jul-30-08

Cost of living website for international cities, plus side question of "How do I find a place there? Is there a website for future expatriates to help with the transitions?
comment posted at 5:01 PM on Jul-30-08

I can't stand my doctor, and I don't think she likes me much, either. I need a prescription, though. How can I hint at her to refer me elsewhere? GPs are in short supply here.
comment posted at 1:33 PM on Jul-30-08

Why is my dog OBSESSED with dryer sheets?
comment posted at 1:22 PM on Jul-30-08

How do I take my 20" iMac with me on holiday?
comment posted at 7:17 PM on Jul-29-08

I've spent the last fifteen years suffering from bipolar disorder (bipolar II with the emphasis on depression) and a sleep disorder. Four months ago I switched to a medication that turns out to be perfect for me. I feel normal. Assuming this continues, my mood disorder is essentially cured. Fifteen years of mental illness have really screwed up my life. How do I get it back?
comment posted at 4:57 PM on Jul-29-08

Should I consult with a lawyer about getting a tutition reimbursment from my graduate school program?
comment posted at 8:08 PM on Jul-29-08

Recommendations for a Vitamin B-Complex supplement that won't make me want to vomit?
comment posted at 8:31 PM on Jul-28-08

Guy is showing me all the signs, constantly contacting me and flirting with me. Then he disappears?? I have very little dating experience, so I need wisdom.
comment posted at 4:39 PM on Jul-26-08

What songs feature the pizzicato technique?
comment posted at 7:22 PM on Jul-24-08
comment posted at 7:27 PM on Jul-24-08
comment posted at 7:31 PM on Jul-24-08

I'm getting a bit tired of my own cringing, and wonder how others have dealt with it.
comment posted at 2:08 AM on Jul-19-08

Is my car safe to drive? My 2003 Ford Windstar's ABS + Brake lights intermittently go on. Searching yields lot of noise but I'm not sure what to make of it.
comment posted at 2:35 PM on Jul-12-08

I am getting Brain Zaps from my SNRI (effexor at 150mg) meds and am headachey and I want to get off the meds. Help me figure out how best to proceed...
comment posted at 12:26 PM on Jul-12-08

How many porn theaters are still operating in North America?
comment posted at 1:12 AM on Jul-12-08

help me name my puppy that i am picking up tomorrow if all goes well. ready. set. go.
comment posted at 11:51 PM on Jul-11-08
comment posted at 2:32 PM on Jul-12-08
comment posted at 2:32 PM on Jul-12-08

Could someone with access to the OED or some other good source tell me whether the expression is "to hold rein over X" or "to hold reign over X"?
comment posted at 12:15 AM on Jul-10-08

I have a question about paying physical compliments to men, especially in the early stages of a relationship. Men compliment women about their appearance often. Do they want these compliments returned, or is there a separate protocol for woman-to-man commentary?
comment posted at 10:25 PM on Jul-9-08

Cat just starting Lasix - how long before I should see effects?
comment posted at 8:25 PM on Jul-9-08

Where can I anonymously complain on the internets?
comment posted at 10:04 PM on Jul-8-08

What do you call a long, thin sandwich, and where do you live?
comment posted at 8:09 AM on Jul-8-08
comment posted at 3:01 PM on Jul-8-08

I'm a female with this recurring fantasy about two men (my biggest fantasy since I was 15). How do I go about fulfilling it? Wait, there's a catch or two. [NSFW]
comment posted at 6:58 AM on Jul-8-08

What gets blogs noticed?
comment posted at 6:29 AM on Jul-8-08
comment posted at 6:31 AM on Jul-8-08

The AT&T Pay As You Go "go phone" has a Motorola C168i with a color screen, at Best Buy or Radio Shack they cost $15 cash and come with $10 worth of airtime. Even if they are Made In China, can the Motorola phone itself only cost $5 US to manufacture?
comment posted at 3:54 PM on Jul-5-08

Visiting Quebec to try and fake French for a week. What should we make a point to do/visit/eat?
comment posted at 4:45 PM on Jul-5-08
comment posted at 5:24 PM on Jul-5-08
comment posted at 5:40 PM on Jul-5-08
comment posted at 6:07 PM on Jul-5-08
comment posted at 6:13 PM on Jul-5-08
comment posted at 8:50 PM on Jul-5-08

Question: What chapstick is best?
comment posted at 11:27 PM on Jul-4-08

How can I help my sister come to terms with her mental health issues?
comment posted at 4:12 PM on Jul-4-08

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