Did I invent the memory of a murderous conspiracy?
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Did a journalist investigating the 2000 election in Florida die under suspicious circumstances? If you remember this story even slightly, help me find it.

Here's what I recall: he spends the years after 2000 digging up dirt on the fraud. He claims to have within his grasp the last pieces, proof of substantial rigging in a couple of counties, verge of blowing the lid off, etc etc. Then he dies. Is found in a scene of wild violence: motel bathroom with blood splattered everywhere. This is just over state lines, where evidence rules are different enough to allow the local law enforcement to do something nutty (like cremating the body prior to autopsy? I must be pulling details from some other shady journalist death at this point). His death is deemed a suicide. He had been, after all, struggling against depression.

And I thought I read about him initially in a national print magazine (The Atlantic? Harper's?). Then, I recall looking to the internet, which seemed obsessed with him (everything about his story screamed conspiracy). And somehow the internet had pictures of the crime scene, which I remember vividly.

But I put everything I could remember about the story into various google searches for about 10 minutes and couldn't find hide/hair. Help?
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This sounds way too bizarre to be covered up. I don't recall hearing/seeing/reading ANYTHING about this; if it had indeed occurred, I don't think it would have been hard to find references to it online.
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Raymond Lemme? [NSFW]

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Steve Kangas.
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(FWIW the search I used was journalist + found + dead + florida + election + fraud and the reddit link - 6th one down on the list for me - led me to that name.)
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Here's more.
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You may be thinking of Danny Casolaro, who was connected to George Bush Sr.
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Link to an article about Raymond Lemme published in Hustler Magazine (warning:PDF) -- SFW, no nekkid pix.
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Those Lemme pictures... that's him, all right. Blech. Thanks!

Maybe I'd be a better web-looker-upper if I did not instinctively avoid Digg and Reddit pages.
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Jesus. How many independent journalists researching the Bush family & their shenanigans have died under mysterious circumstances anyway? Actually, scratch that. I never asked. Just passing through.

(whistles nonchalantly)
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