Help me identify this version of "The Patriot Game"
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Please help me identify the singer of "The Patriot Game" in this YouTube video commercial for The Lieutenant of Inishmore. Bonus gratitude awarded if you can point me to an album on which it appears. (Suggestions of recordings of other Irish Republican songs with similiar arrangements or in similar styles are welcome, but I'm most keen to find this one.)
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Might it be Kathleen Largey?
posted by longsleeves at 12:48 AM on August 24, 2008

no way, it's not Largey. still searching.
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I've lucked out, sorry. It sounds like something Flogging Molly would do with that song. I wonder if the Bridget Regan did it. Hope someone comes along with an answer soon, I'm really curious, the singer sounds like a very young Dolores Keane.
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I do know that the female character IN the play sings "The Patriot Game" a couple times, maybe it was her?
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Clarifying my answer: I mean, maybe it was the actress who plays that particular character.
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Best answer: I'm fairly sure that is Kerry Condon (the Mairead actress from the NY and RSC runs of the show) singing the version with Jem and co ex-of the Pogues backing her up and arranging it. I can't find anything else she's singing online though to confirm that. A quick search through various pogues forums will find people discussing it, but no information about releases, eg:

More on the "lieutenant" music: The full Andrew/Phil/Daryl/Jem version of "The Patriot Game" played at the curtain calls. Most nights, the applause was so loud, you couldn't hear much of the track. It was sung by cast member Kerry Condon (the "lieutenant" herself), Philip and Andrew. The accordion is by Stephen Warbeck, best known for his "Shakespeare In Love" music, for which he got an Oscar, I think. I don't think it was ever released.
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Response by poster: It appears jamesonandwater takes the biscuit; I guess I didn't recall hearing it when I originally saw the play.

So, that leaves my secondary query: Anyone care to recommend similarly arranged or performed Irish songs?
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The guesses would be a good guide to what's similar; briefly, the Pogues.
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