Sex with ponies (video). Yes, ponies. Where do I find it?
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So. I'm looking for a video that was forwarded to me 4 or so years ago. It's about a guy working in a corporate office, who opens an email sent to him as a joke to find women having sex with ponies. Someone sees it on his screen, he gets fired, his gf leaves him, he moves in with his parents, etc. In the last scene he is dead and the mortician performs a dance on top of his body. Does anybody know the video I'm talking about? Is it anywhere online?
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Farm Sluts?
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Yes indeed, Farm Sluts it is...I've had that downloaded for years now, and have re-watched it often!
posted by newfers at 10:48 PM on August 22, 2008

So by "performs a dance" I guess you mean "prepares to perform necrophilia"?

I forgot all about this, great little short film.
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Mildly entertaining!
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wow, Fox don't know how to deinterlace video.
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This is so ghastly.
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There are a few funny Fox Searchlight shorts like that, Farm Sluts the best among them.

Also, in the same vein of awesome short: Home Base.
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Response by poster: Thanks everybody. Goes well with dinner.
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