Name that TV ad tune (or suggest something similar)
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What/whose music is used in's latest "To Our Leaders" TV ad? seen and heard here.

Most of us just tune out when the ads start rolling on TV. In my case, I rarely watch TV as it is. But I wandered over to the TV when my family was watching because I was drawn to the intense string music.

(1) Given the length and clear closing, it's possible that the musical piece was composed just for the ad, but does anyone recognize it from anywhere anyway?

(2) Can anyone recommend any other string music with similar style?
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I can't identify this exactly. There are several similar-sounding Arvo Part works: Summa for strings, Tabula Rasa, Te Deum. They all have minor keys, string ensembles, fairly busy melodic parts, and are slightly foreboding.
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That's a nice ad and the music is quite compelling. If you want to hear more music like it, once you find out what it is, create your own custom station at using this song as your seed song. I love Pandora and am listening to one of my stations as I type this message.

Slightly off topic, the one thing I do not like about the ad is that it states we demand our leaders to make the needed changes. And, they do need to do that. But, quite importantly, we the people need to demand of ourselves to change the way we live our lives.

Slightly off topic in a different direction, wish I had thought about asking the hive as you have just done when I was puzzled trying to figure out what the music is during the PBS program Frontline World that is used as transition music between stories. I still don't know what that is...
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Response by poster: Thanks for the tip, Rich Smorgasbord. I'll check those out and look into albums or single tracks.

GregWithLime: I haven't heard of Interesting. I've also just discovered AdTunes ("an ad music weblog that serves as a guide to music used in television commercials, shows, film trailers, soundtracks and more") and there may be other specific resources out there that I haven't found yet. Detective work continuing.

Yeah, I'm not interested in discussing the political content of the ad since that wasn't my question.
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Since you already mentioned it, here is the Adtunes thread on commercial music, but there doesn't seem to be a clear answer about the particular ad you mentioned yet.
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Response by poster: Heh, the mystery continues. :)

I'll try my hand at asking them directly, but I've never had luck with that.

At least I have a lead to similar stuff. I'll post back if I ever find out about the specific ad in the odd chance others are interested.
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The music was composed specially for the ad. Weird that I know this, but I was just discussing it with a friend who's peripherally involved with the production company. I don't know who composed it, however.
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