Have you used atiflights.com?
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Has anyone ever used http://atiflights.com/?

My sister is buying a ticket to Prague, and this site has the (by far) cheapest flights. I've never heard of it, and wanted to know if it was legit. They don't list the carriers when you search for your flight, which is new to me.

Anyone used it?
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I was just about to book a flight to Romania when I saw your post. When you include the taxes (listed separately - did you notice that?), the fares I found were all at least $150 more than what I found on Expedia and Priceline. So no great deal there.

As a rough check, I looked for Seattle to Prague flights leaving 9/12 and returning 11/16.

Atiflights -> $1177
Expedia -> $1273
Priceline -> $1323

So they do look cheaper for Seattle to Prague by a little less than $100 (I don't know where your sister is flying from, of course.)

This link (and others I found by searching "ATI flights") suggests that there could be problems. For under $100, I'd feel safer with one of the others. For a big savings, I might chance it.
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I just used them for a flight to Denmark and had no problems at all. They were the cheapest option for me, as well.
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Do you have a neighborhood travel agent? Pop in tomorrow, name your price, and see if they can match it. I'd say that they'd be far more skilled at patching together various airlines and booking systems than an anonymous website, and you'd always have the option of just going into the office for your sister if there was any problem.
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used them to buy tickets to Japan a couple of years ago, went through them again for another flight to Tanzania in a month's time. They're usually the lowest priced hit for international flights that comes up on Kayak.com (which is how I run into them) and in general they seem to be fine so long as you're only concerned about buying the cheapest possible ticket (ie. non-refundable, non-upgradeable, non-modifiable, you need to be 100% sure of your travel plans or you're SOL)
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also, typically, I get around the carrier obfuscation by having a couple of other travel booking sights up and doing a comparison on flight departure and arrival times. If ATI's showing an NYC -> AMS -> DAR flight with an afternoon departure from Schiphol at 3 pm and a Dar es Salaam arrival at 10 pm, and Travelocity is showing a KLM itinerary with the same arrival and departure times then it's likely that the ATI flight in question is KLM's.
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