Where can I purchase AC 110V-35W bulbs?
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Where can I purchase 6400k AC 110V-35W bulbs?

I bought lights+umbrella for my photographing needs and one of the bulbs *AC 110V-35W* that came with it easily broke. I want to buy a replacement but cannot seem to find these bulbs anywhere on the net.

The only info I have on them is 6400k - AC 110V-35W bulb
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What make/model is the lamp?
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This might be what you are looking for.

It is 5500K which will be a slightly warmer color than 6400K, but commonly used for studio work. 6400K is kind of rare. This is assuming a standard medium size screw in base for the bulb.
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BHPhoto.com has been my savior many times for weird photography needs -- give them a call or email.
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6400k seems to be the spectrum equivalent of Daylight. (Hydroponic/grow lights or aquarium/terrarium lights perhaps??)
AC 110V- is the type and amount of electricity it needs. IANAE (electrician) so 110V bulbs go into 110V lamps

- which are powered by 110V power supplies which are plugged into 230V sockets (or whatever it is in your country) as a rule. (AC = Alternating Current. As opposed to DC = Direct Current. But you more than likely won't need to bother about that, Wikipedia can explain if you're interested anyway.)

And 35W is the wattage (or brightness).

So 6400k you may or may not want to stick with? AC 110V is non-negotiable (IANAE??) and -35W may or may not be (highly) flexible for you?

And then of course just like every light and lamp you've ever come across you just need to get one with the right fitting. So the right fitting, AC 110V and then you'll be sweet. Everything else is just preference.

- But yeah grow lights like the ones they have on flower farms perhaps? They look like normal bulbs too and not like a fluro tube. (If that's what you need?) They would get them 'cheap' too because they'd buy masses of them! They might be like a billion-million Watts though... meh?? *shrugs*
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