How can I find this wing sauce recipe?
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There's a wing place in town called 'Just Wing'n it' that has a wing sauce called "Hot Boston" that I crave. Im posting in hopes that someone who works / worked there can tell me how to make it.
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Is there a reason you can't just ask the restaurant directly? I've asked before, and haven't had any problems. Sometimes I just get a list of ingredients but it's a good start.
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yeah, just ask.
And if the managers are weird about it, just hang around during shift changes and then accost a prep cook with a twenty.
Works every time.
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They may get it already made.
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Is 'Just Wing'n It' a chain, or just a popular name for wing joints?
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Response by poster: Just Wing'n it is an actual franchise, and I've tried calling an getting the recipe thru social engineering - no dice.

It's not the sauce in that link (but thanks!) the 'Hot Boston' flavor I'm looking for kind of has a baked beanish taste, sweetness with some spice too. I'm assuming that's why its called by that name.

If anyone is feeling adventurous and wants to try to call the location in Chicago and get the recipe I may offer a paypal reward! :)

I really must have this sauce recipe!
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Hello, I am one of the owners of the Just Wing'n It Franchise. I will be happy to give you the roots of the Hot Boston sauce that everyone loves so much. It is basically a combination of hot sauce and sweet and sour sauce. We use our own version of both to make ours so the ingredients are, as I am sure you understand, private. However, you might be able to duplicate it using any hot sauce and any sweet and sour sauce that you might pick up at that store. Of course, it won't be as good as ours but it may satisfy!

If you truly crave our Hot Boston sauce, we are happy to sell it to you for a reasonable price in smaller or larger quantities. Either way, stop by Just Wing'n It at 79th and Michigan Road and introduce yourself. We are glad to have you as a customer and thanks for the kind words!
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