Basic webcam programs wanted
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I just got a new webcam and the picture quality on MSN now rocks. However, when I take normal pics with dorgem, the pictures come out looking like something a VGA camera would take, rather than a clear crisp 5mp webcam. Would like suggestions for Windows webcam programs that will allow me to just take photos. Note: I don't want a webcam program with motion detection, photo booth, etc. Just a simple one-click take-this-photo program. Many thanks in advance!
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Most webcams come with software for this, admittedly often with a lot of the extraneous functions you don't want, but often designed to work well with the cam in question. I know no other program has gotten me the kind of quality shots with my old IBM PC Camera Plus that the included software got.
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Response by poster: Mine actually came with a driver for the webcam, but I never installed it because the salesgirl said I didn't need to. I'll give it a try later. Thanks!
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