Help me find this silly Peanuts/Snoopy comic strip!
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I'd like to track down a specific Peanuts strip from my childhood memories, but I have no idea how to search for it.

There was once a Peanuts strip where (IIRC) Snoopy came across an unattended box of crayons or something, and proceeded to draw the silliest pictures with them. One of the drawings I distinctly remembered was a picture of a cat sitting down on a fence with his back facing you, and a big goofy tail and whiskers sticking out from behind its face.

My Google-fu isn't really working for this, and I was hoping that some Peanuts aficionado could point me to a specific page number in a Peanuts collection/compilation book where I can find this strip.
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I remember it. This is just a wag but I would try looking around the late 1960s to early 1970s time frame. I believe it was published in one of the collections that was released around that time. I'd help find it if there were some sort of repository online but I don't see one.
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Each book in the Complete Peanuts series has an exhaustive index; pretty much every subject matter and story element is listed. It wouldn't be hard to find the collection in a bookstore and look up 'crayon.'

I tried Amazon's search inside feature, but the text is too small. But I'm sure there's a Mefite out there with the complete series.
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Best answer: Snoopy doodles a kitty and Kilroy in this strip from 1967. Thanks for the wag, crapmatic!
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Best answer: It's on page 51 of the 1967-1968 Fantagraphics collection hydrophonic linked to. Amazon doesn't seem to allow links to search inside results, but if you enter 'Page 51', the Snoopy strip and the strips before and after it are the third result.
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Best answer: Upon further reading, Snoopy also draws kitties in this strip, although we never see the drawings. It's on Page 76 of the 1967-1968 collection.
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And apologies for the "kitties". Apparently two year olds can influence you just as much as you can them.
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Response by poster: Alvy, you are thee awesomeness! Thanks!
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Response by poster: That other "kitties" strip is just as great, too! Charles Schulz had such brilliantly weird ideas.
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