What to do in Adelaide for two evenings?
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What to do in Adelaide for two evenings by myself?

I will be heading to Adelaide for business on the 28th and 29th of this month (Thursday and Friday). I have the evening of each free, but I'm unfamiliar with the city and I'm looking for suggestions for things to do or see.

I have a car with me so getting around is no issue, I'm not much into nightclubs, I like good food but the more formal atmosphere of a restaurant isn't so good when I'm by myself. I enjoy photography, so anything unusually photogenic could be good.

Open to any suggestions! Thanks!
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I guess Glenelg would be your bet for one of those nights - it's the Bondi / St Kilda of Adelaide.

Also, the city is wedged in between the hills & the sea (or gulf, or whatever) - a drive of about 30 minutes into the hills will give you some very nice views, especially at night. There are a few lookouts that you should be able to find easily enough with the help of a tourist office or a bit of googling.
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Lookout suggestions: Mt Lofty, and Skye.

You should really head to the Central Markets - best markets in Australia if you ask me. Excellent atmosphere, photo opportunities, and it fits the bill for informal dining, with not one but two crazy good asian food courts.

Take a stroll along North Terrace - all South Australia's main cultural intitutions are lined up along it - Botanic Gardens, Universities, Art Gallery, Museum, State Library, War Memorial, Government House, Parliament, Train Station...Casino. You'll be sure to find something to explore.
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If you can find time during the day, the markets will definitely satisfy the foodie in you.

As for photography, wandering along North Terrace, and perhaps up King William St to North Adelaide, could provide some fodder. The Adelaide Hills are definitely worth a visit as well, although I'm not sure what the best places would be at night.
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I'll second the Central Markets suggestion. They're usually open until 9pm on Fridays, so that'll be the better evening to check them out.

The Parade at Norwood is a long strip of cafes and shops. Worth a wander and a browse, and then you could easily sit down with a book or local newspaper for a casual meal.

Adelaide also has a strong arts scene. It's probably worth picking up a local newspaper or music magazine when you arrive, just in case there are any concerts/gallery showings etc. that would be of interest to you.
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While at the markets, be sure to pick up some South Australian sausages (mettwursts etc). Everywhere else in Australia they have to be pasteurised, but these are the real deal. Businesses can't even import them into other states.

They come with a slightly higher than normal risk of death from salmonella poisoning, but that only happens once every decade or two.
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Definitely check out the Central Markets. The markets are open until 5pm on Thursday, and until 9pm on Friday. Even after the markets close on Friday, the food places around the markets (they're mostly café-style and narrow, busy Chinese restaurants in terms of atmosphere) stay buzzing until quite late.
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Response by poster: For followup's sake, I stayed at a motel in Glenelg, and had a lovely time walking along Jetty Rd, down to the jetty itself, where I watched the sunset and had a couple of very nice evenings taking night time photographs!
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