Where do I find a good elliptical trainer in Ottawa?
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I'm looking for a good elliptical trainer in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Where do I look?

I can't personally stand running, swimming isn't an option, there are no gyms close enough that would be convenient enough that I would use them, and as a sweaty guy with no shower at work, cycling as transportation is out too. I weighed all the options and decided that I really like the idea of busting out with an elliptical trainer while watching TV in the evenings.

Problem is, I can't figure out where to get one. My current best bet is Sears, but they've always been a little expensive for my tastes. Wal-mart has absolute trash for selection. Where else can I look?

Also, what should I be looking for in an elliptical trainer? My price range is approximately $500.
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posted by drgonzo at 7:30 PM on August 13, 2008

Try Kijiji
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Response by poster: I forgot to mention, I checked Kijiji and Craigslist and decided I'd prefer a new one. Warranties are awesome, and used home excersize equipment is scary. Especially considering one of the dudes I contacted about a trainer already freaked out on me when I told him I wasn't interested. It was by email, but it was enough to turn me off the whole thing.
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Response by poster: And I guess I'll have to go to fitnessdepot in person, because their website has no freaking prices on it. This is a warning flag, personally, but the machines do look promising.
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on their main site, they have the prices listed and there is at least one elliptical <500 bones
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Response by poster: Oh crap, good find, drgonzo! Thanks!

Yeah, a bunch of those look pretty keen.
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You may also find fitness eqipment at Club Piscine, here.
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and they also have equipment, too
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canadian tire !
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There are tons of lousy low-priced ellipticals out there, but I (and many others, according to google) had very good luck with the proform 700. Unlike most under 1k machines I've tried, this one actually feels like the ones at the gym, and runs quietly enough to permit reasonable headphone volume.

I bought mine used for $150 and after 18 months of using it 5 days a week, it still runs great.
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