Looking for rubber charity bracelets
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I am looking for a rubber charity bracelet for a friend... website suggestions?

i know they are terribly overdone, but a friend of mine is looking for one of the rubber charity bracelets that were so very popular but now seem less so.. ( LiveStrong being the progenitor of the fad i think)

we don't know of a particular one he is looking for but is there a website that can show me a list of charities that sell them?

He is really into all things oceanic so that might be a start. Can someone help me find a bracelet from a cool charity?
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The most patriotic, of course, is WristStrong.
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And many, many others to choose from.
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*pulls one off my wrist that my University sold for a Relay for Life fundraiser*


It's held up for 3 years. Might give them a shot.
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Not a charity, and only for those with a sense of humor, but: The Onion has one.
posted by gyusan at 8:57 AM on August 14, 2008

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