Where can I find this episode of 3-2-1 Contact?
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Okay, longshot here. I'm trying to get ahold of an old episode of 3-2-1 Contact, specifically the segment where they visited the company working on the TRON arcade game. According to tv.com, it appears to be episode 104, titled Building: Modular, from season 2, and it originally aired on Thursday, November 17, 1983.

The usual channels have failed me, so here's hoping that someone has a stack of VCR tapes in the closet (no not those tapes). Help me mefi you're my only hope.
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Have you tried contacting (no pun intended) the Childrens Television Workshop? They are the original producers of the series, and would probably provide access to a copy of your episode for a fee. You might also contact (ah!) your local PBS affiliate and asking them if they still have copies floating around.
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You can contact the Sesame Workshop (formerly Children's Television Workshop) with those details and ask to speak to someone who handles their archives that may be able to help you.

From their annual report:
Sesame Workshop
One Lincoln Plaza
New York, New York 10023
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maybe just MAYBE it might be on archive at the museum of television and radio. i know theres one in NY and a glance at the site says theres one is LA too. you can't search their archives online though, so it'd help if you were near either city.
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Great suggestions, I didn't even consider trying to get ahold of CTW. First attempt has been made through the form on their site (with its insane character restrictions, didn't even allow apostrophes!), we'll see what happens.
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