Looking for a lightweight Latex editor
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I'm looking for a lightweight text editor that can easily be configured to work with LaTeX.

I don't want an editor that is loaded with features.

I'm essentially looking for a syntax-highlighting Wordpad that would allow me to build and view a LaTeX file by pressing F9 (or something similar).

Does something similar to this exist? Thanks!
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TextMate for OS X
Notepad++ for Windows
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The One True Editor, VIM, with VIM-LaTex. VIM is simultaneously lightweight and loaded with features, and you don't have to use what you don't need, unlike EMACS which accosts you with its feature overload. You may not like vi-style modal editors, though, it's kind of an acquired taste.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the replies. I'll check them out.

To anyone who may want to answer, I am using Windows XP.
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This isn't exactly what you're looking for, but LyX is pretty excellent.
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Have you looked at TeXnicCenter? It may have more features than you want, but it's free and plays nuce with (La)TeX.
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LyX standard output is not standard Latex, and can only be compiled with LyX. You can create a Latex-compatible output, but it's not as person-readable as normal Latex. I say don't do it.

I have successfully used Emacs on Windows XP to create Latex documents for many years now. Unlike DecemberBoy, I don't find that it's in-your-face with features. I don't like the modal-editing vim style and find it counter-intutive. Emacs has great keyboard shortcuts, which is nice. To install Emacs on Windows, I followed this tutorial. You can install Emacs and then Auctex, which is tells Emacs about Latex and lets you compile from within Emacs.

Happy texing!
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WinEdt is exactly what you're looking for.
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WinEdt probably doesn't qualify as lightweight, and I'm pretty sure it's not free (it wasn't several years ago when I got it). But it's been my standard program for LaTeX-ing for years, and for a reason. I'm a big fan; it was especially useful for me when writing my thesis, with its many separate tex components. Would be good for any large project; may be too bulky for quick use.

Now what I'd really love is a chat program a la aim/gchat/etc that would take any tex code I typed in and output appropriately...... anyone?
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Brief is a good one, as is Scientific Notebook.
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I've used WinEDT for a while now and like it.
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SciTE is decent, free and cross-platform, and LaTeX support is available.
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Texmaker isn't bad. Melismata, what is Brief? Googling didn't turn anything up (I am admittedly an amateur Googler).
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Also, the very first result for


Is this Wikipedia disambiguation page, which contains a link entitled "Brief (text editor)".

Honestly, the Googling is not so difficult.
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Honestly, you're a bit of an asshole.


didn't turn up anything. I also tried searching for brief tex editor (since we're talking about editing tex files). Thanks for the links and the redressing.
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I'm actually a complete arsehole, but I'm still willing to donate my time to help you improve your Google skills.

The second result for brief tex editor is a link to the Wikipedia article on Brief. Most of the first page of results is links to download sites offering the product.

Perhaps you need to use the button on the left - the one marked "Google Search". It often works better than the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button on the right.
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