Looking for my Online Text Editor
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For the last several months, I have used an online text editor to write upcoming posts for my blog. When I had my computer reimaged, I lost my open tabs, and now I can't find the website I was using to edit text. I was 99% sure that the site was called QuickWrite or QuickWriter, but I can't seem to find it again.

I think I learned of the site from Tekzilla or possibly from another techy blog. I have searched and searched and can't find the site again. Is there any way I can find my browser or search engine history after reimage. Or does anyone have an idea of what the site might be? I did create an account with the website, so I think if I found it again, I could get my writings back by logging in. It was fairly minimalist...no formatting options, just text editing.
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So not even any bold/italic/etc? Can you remember anything about what it looked like? Like, the color of the page background, even, can sometimes help.

Offhand possibilities, some of which may have some formatting but just in case:
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If you registered an account at the site, any chance you might have the usual "Welcome to ____" email in your archives somewhere?
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Response by poster: Yes, I'm confident it didn't have bold/italic/etc because I remember wanting to bold something in my document and didn't have that option. The page color was a muted dark color...similar to the green of AskMeFi...or possibly blue or gray.

Grace, I checked the four possibilities you listed, and none of those were the correct ones. Losvedir, great idea! I really thought that would work! I looked through both of my email accounts, searching for "Welcome to" and "Thank you for joining" and couldn't find anything.

Any other ideas? I'm hopeful!
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Best answer: It's not QuietWrite is it?
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A quick Google reveals a few options (some of which look very handy, actually!):

Edit Pad
MyTextFile (must login via a Google account)
Pote (requires registration)

Not what you're looking for but interesting anyway:
BrijPad (close, but not totally without formatting)
Goformat (lets you reformat text - could be handy)
pen.io (quickly create nicely styled plain text pages to share online)
ZZEE Text Utility (perform operations on text)
Cloud9 (text editor geared towards programming)

Hopefully that list will either contain exactly what you were looking for, or a good enough facsimile.
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It's gotta be QuietWrite. That's really nice, thanks for posting it cincinnatus c.
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Response by poster: Oh my gosh, that's it! I was able to login and got my writing back! I'm so excited that I think I'm going to cry! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

By the way, QuietWrite ~ QuickWrite! It's so close! :)
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