Time for a change. But I'm not Obama.
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Career Change. The time has come, and I'd love your advice.

I've had it with my current career. While I won't be completely abandoning it save a few freelance gigs here and there, I'm not making any money, and I find myself resenting this day in, day out. I'm tired of being miserable with regards to this chosen career, and it's time to get paid what I feel I'm worth. Too bad it's going to be doing something else. I've spent the last 13 years doing what I do, and while I will still do it in small amounts, I will not miss it.

Here's some info about me:
- I have an MFA in Design (non-architecture lighting) and many years
- I want to utilize as many of my current skills as opposed to learning a whole new set
- I'd like to do something that does other people good, if possible. If not, then I'd like to benefit myself and my wife
- I want to have a career working from my home office
(don't misinterpret this as laziness, I've been working in offices for 10+ years, and had my own office almost everywhere I have worked)
- I'm great with people, but I don't want to sell something that I don't believe in, like superficial stuff
- I'm a democrat
- I'm a good citizen
- I've lead large crews of people doing very time-sensitive work
- I enjoy working with my computer, and I am self-taught
- I would like to do something in computers or design
- I consider myself "Earth-Friendly" (take that however you like)
- I've never been afraid of hard work, as it is part of my current career, but I won't be taking a labor job

I have a few ideas about some alternate careers, but what do you all think? I'm obviously interested in your advice.
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Design sets & lighting for the theatre
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What do you do now? What does non-architecture lighting consist of?

One thing that always struck me was how beautifully the city of Paris is lit up at night. Maybe you could start some sort of organization to light up American cities to be dazzlingly beautiful like that.

Another idea would be to start your own business working with interior designers to light up homes. To start, maybe you could do pro-bono or not for profit projects in needy areas with amazing buildings and the like.
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Maybe you could start a business specialising in outdoor lighting for gardens, fountains, etc.
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One thing you didn't mention is why you don't like your current career?
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