Listening in on someone else's occupation
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Looking for engaging podcasts that have an expert discussing issues revolving around their particular occupation.

For example, I found one by a pediatrician (Pediacast) and by lawyers (This Week in Law). They're both very enjoyable and make good listening. Any other podcasts out there from other occupations? Bonus if it's not computer or internet related since I seem to have plenty of those on my playlist.
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BIG HORKIN' DISCLAIMER FIRST: not only am I tangentially affiliated with a sister site to what I'm about to recommend, I am to be the SUBJECT of one such podcast; it'll be posted sometime in the next couple days.

But: is a New York theater-related web site, mostly offering reviews; their sister site,, has an as-we-get-things-together podcast about different theater topics (everything from overviews of upcoming theater festivals to if there's a particularly important production coming up). One of the occasional features they have is a series called "Indie Theater Life," in which theater professionals talk about their work. (There've been a couple actors and directors, a special episode in which three actors also talk about being parents at the same time as being theater folk, and I am their first stage manager thus intereviewed.)
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Philosophy Bites features a bite-sized, accessible interview with a philosopher on a particular topic once a week or so. I don't have much background in philosophy and I really enjoy it.
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Disclaimer: I work at the following company, and while I do create podcasts, I have never created or contributed to any of the ones in the following link.

Cognos, an IBM company, offers a series of podcasts entitled BI Radio (business intelligence), which discuss technology in the corporate world. Link:
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The WDW Today podcast are experts on all things related to visiting Disney (including a travel agent that specializes in just that). This guy hosts a podcast on Disney as well and has published trivia books and audio guides to the parks as well. They produce a crazy amount of content per week.
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On the Page is about screen writing.
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A great art review podcast is Bad at Sports.
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Philosophy Bites, while a great podcast, is not about the profession of philosophy. It's a podcast about philosophical subjects. That is, it's more like a show that reviews and discusses movies than a show that is about the movie-making industry. (Of course if you like Philosophy Bites, you should also check out Philosopher's Zone and In Our Time.)
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PhilosophyTalk... although you can't download the older episodes (though you can listen) you can download the newer ones (great show, very much recommended).

Intelligence Squared
... great series of debates by people who know what they are talking about.
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