Tortugan Hussy = Not Me (I am just a regular hussy, I promise)!
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I need ONE Pirate Weepul...not 250! I am willing to pay say, 10$ for this fine fluffy fellow. Do any of you, my fellow MeFi swashbucklers have one or know where I can get ONE?

My google-fu has failed me! I would feel like a shameless Tortugan Hussy panhandling for a "sample" when I have no intention...ever...of shelling out me galleons for 249 more Weepuls.
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how 'bout asking for a sample? they say samples are can prob be upfront and say, 'look, can you just mail me one and charge me for it?'
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We sell our Weepuls direct from the factory and have a significant discount off of retail pricing. We have a large selection of weepuls to choose from. Don't see what you are looking for, contact us 1-866-291-3129 and we will help you find the weepul of your dream!!
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You could probably make one yourself in about twenty minutes for three dollars in parts. Go to the fabric store and get a green pom, white felt, black felt, a googly eye, and some hot glue. Cutting out the skull seems like it would be the only hard part..
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For $25, you can get a "Super Sample Pack" of 26 Weepuls (including 2 pirates) and shipping is included in the price.
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