Yar, I need to flirt with a pirate.
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Tomorrow I (a single dad) will be volunteering at my child's Halloween Party. I have been flirting with a cute single mom for a while now and I have advance knowledge that she will be coming as a pirate. I'm in need of a good pirate/nautical opening line that can be delivered in a kindergarten setting.

Extra information: I can take it from there, just looking for something witty/flirty. I'll be coming straight from work, so I've got a Superman logo tee under my button up shirt à la Clark Kent, if that's useful at all.

Best I've come up with so far is "Permission to come aboard, Cap'n?" which is probably a touch too much.
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Arrr ye interested in a mug o ale sometime?

I was a cabin boy for the Dread Pirate Roberts a while ....
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Believe it or not, you can just google "pirate pick up lines" and be exposed to a treasure trove of material.

But my favorite so far, especially for a kindergarten setting, is just "arrrrrrrr you free this Saturday".
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* Do you know why they call me Long John Silver?
* Something with "booty"
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Wear an eyepatch and say, "I've had my EYE on you..." (lifting the eyepatch) "...for a long time."
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You're Superman, the crime fighter. She's a pirate and presumably commits crimes on a regular basis. If you talk like a pirate that's confusing.

You can just say that normally, as Superman, you feel obligated to make a citizen's arrest on encountering pirates but you really hope she is one of the good guys.
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If you'd prefer to fly rather than sail for a while, let me know. Your parrot can tag along if he wants.
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Oh and I agree with steinwald, stay in the Superman/Clarke character.
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"i've always admired the pirate lifestyle. may i be the first person this evening to suggest that we should seize some booty together sometime?"
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"Swell costume, Lois."
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also: "a figure like yours, you belong on the prow of the ship, not the fo'c'sle."
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Oh my goodness, those are awf--err, very nice, I'm sure, everyone, but perhaps an icebreaker would be better to start with than a booty call?

How about something simple like one-liners from Pirates of the Caribbean, since anyone dressed as a pirate will certainly have seen it:

You: "I've been waiting for the opportune moment."
(She asks the opportune moment for what, you say, "To ask if you'd like to go out for a drink", etc.)

You: "Why is the rum gone?" Or "Hide the rum!"
(She mentions wishing there was some rum or something stronger to drink, you suggest the two of you meet up for one, etc.) (Note: if her reply to you indicates she is a non-drinker, suggest coffee instead).

Or you could try for more eloquence:
You: Ah, a pirate! "I invoke the right of parlay. According to the Code of the brethren, set down by the pirates Morgan and Bartholomew, you have to take me to your Captain now." (Suggestive Grin)
(To which she will likely remind you that the Code is more like guidelines, really, and you're off and running.)
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"Ahoy, matey!"
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Oh god, please don't say anything to her about her "booty" in front of a roomful of 5 year olds.
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"Which part of Yemen are you from?"
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What about some gold chocolate coins to give to her on arrival?
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Kids + pick up lines = sleazy

That said, you might be able to get away with "Hello, Sailor!".

vrakatar has it nailed though. Stay in character and provide entertainment for the kids as a duo (Clark Kent vs. the Pirate). It'll get you more points than any pick up line.
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Bwithh, this is a kindergarten setting, per the OP, who is looking for an opening line. I think he and the single mom in question probably do not want to go straight into eating off of each other's bodies in front of their kids and classmates.

OP, you sound like you have enough common sense not to go off the deep end with this. You are both single parents. Flirtatious is fun and fine! Stick with your instincts and resist the over-the-top corny stuff and you'll be fine.
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I like the one above "nice costume Lois". I googled "what would superman say to a pirate" and this is the top link, so that was no help at all. You are pioneers in establishing Superman/Pirate relations!
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I'm the treasure you are looking for.
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Nthing "Nice costume, Lois!" as long as you are in obvious Superman mode so it won't be confusing. It accomplishes many things at once.
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'That costume, it be rated ARRRRRRR.' *hand her one of the snacks you picked up on the way in*
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Greet her as a bonny lass. Charm her with your knowledge of women pirates.
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As Bonny Anne.
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"So that's why they call it 'booty'."
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Excuse me, citizen, but it appears you are engaged in an illegal lifestyle. Might we step aside and consider other possibilities?
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If you have been flirting with her for a while, start some pirate conversation and then move quickly to asking her out on a real date.
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'Arr, let us have a coffee together, me hearty'. Just ask her.
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Yeah, I join the folks saying you should stay in costume as Superman and say something that alludes to her piracy. In fact,

"Ma'am, I'm afraid your days of piracy have not gone unnoticed by this defender of Metropolis. Would you see your way clear to accompanying me this Friday evening for a citizen's arrest?"
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Oh, man.

I don't know this woman, but I, personally, would back slowly away from a pre-rehearsed line. It feels like the classic "trying too hard." I see this going kind of awkwardly.

But to answer your question, "Hey, Sailor!" is cute. Simple, not terribly rehearsed, cute, and gets you out of "pirate/superman talk" pretty quickly—so you can get down to the sincere business of asking her out.
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Mod note: Comments removed. Stop the metadiscussion, promptly. Thanks.
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Any updates on how it went over?!?!
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Yes, please? Follow up needed!
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