Ebooks with resale/resell rights?
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Where can I find legitimate ebooks with resell/resale rights?

I'd like to purchase some ebooks with resell/resale rights, chiefly in the areas of bookkeeping, small business management, invoices and contracts. (Not all in one ebook.) What are some legitimate sources for such materials? I am willing to pay a decent amount for these rights -- I am not looking for $1 ebooks. I'd like the materials to be of decent quality and not full of viruses and the like, since I will be associating my own products with them. Any recommendations? Thanks.
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Probably a) obvious, and b) not quite what you're looking for, since you have resale rights to these texts on the grounds that their copyright has expired (meaning they're old) but the Gutenberg Project has thousands of ebooks you can use. Virus free.
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Response by poster: Thanks. Yeah, I know about Gutenberg. Maybe I'll take another look.
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