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Is it possible to get a nice bottle of vodka shipped to a friend in the US, and if so, how?

I'm in the UK, friend is in the USA, MI to be specific. I want to send him a small bottle of vodka as a present, but I don't want to ship internationally, for obvious reasons. I want the vodka to be decent stuff, not something cheap. I'm willing to spend up to $30, including shipping.

Are there any reputable websites out there that will let me do this? Does anyone have any first hand experience of buying vodka online?
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I'd start off looking for a liquor store in the town near him and see if they have a website that will deliver, this lets you pay with a credit card. Most liquor stores in the U.S. charge about 10$ or more to ship the liquor if that helps.
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It's funny, but years ago, I shipped a bottle of gin from the US to the UK. I wrapped it up tight with plenty of bubble wrap and paper. When they asked me what was in the box, I said, "Giant bottle of perfume." It arrived safely.
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You should call a liquor store in his town, briefly explain the situation, and ask if they could take your order over the phone and ship it or even hand-deliver it (if it's a small town). I worked last summer at a bookstore in my small hometown, and I'd often take orders over the phone and deliver the books myself if the day was slow and it wasn't too long of a walk.

Being underage, I wonder how they'd make sure you were of age.
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Here's a Michigan merchant who identifies themselves as selling spirits online. Good luck!
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