What's the best place to buy additional RAM for an iBook?
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What's the best place to buy additional RAM for an iBook?
(Sorry if this has been asked before, but I Googled for half an hour and couldn't find anything.)
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Start with Ramseeker for a comparison of prices. I've outfitted all my systems with generic memory from MemoryToGo or 18004Memory and have had no problems. (A friend got a bad stick from 18004, but it was replaced with no hassle.)
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Newegg's Mac Store
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I've bought RAM from nowhere but Other World Computing over the last 9 years or so. Good prices (much better than Crucial), lifetime warranty, and I've never gotten a bad module.
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I highly recommend dealram and dealmac

Both track and keep track of ram/apple hardware
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yup, dealram!
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Thanks! I went with 18004Memory via dealram.
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I second the vote for Other World Computing, even though you've already made your decision, in case someone else stumbles upon this thread. Their RAM is high quality, has never failed me, and is always competitive price-wise.
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I second Crucial. Never never never never never buy generic RAM, you WILL get a sick stick one day. Stick to a proper brand like Corsair, Kingston, or Crucial. I stick with Crucial as they're a bit cheaper than the others, and still as good.
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I buy ALL memory from MemoryMan, and have had excellent service from them. I got a bum stick of Crucial (yes, really) from them a few years back and they answered a phone call at 8PM their time, cross-shipped me a replacement at no cost via overnight FedEx and included a return label. Returns, exchanges, and last second order changes have all been handled perfectly. They guarantee every stick they send forever, and as long as they're in business I have no reason to buy memory from anyone else, ever.

Their selection seems a little narrower than it used to be, brand-wise, but service and quality is exceptional. As far as I'm concerned, they're the best online store I've ever done business with by a large margin.
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