GOP convention blogs?
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American Politics: Is there a list of blogs specifically covering the GOP National Convention? How about a list of blogs by bloggers at the convention?

Preferably, I'm looking for people covering it in a fairly non-partisan manner, but anything not blatantly partisan one way or the other is also OK. I tried to search via google but didn't get anywhere.
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" is an aggregation point for blog coverage of the RNC in New York."

Basicly it is a blog of all the posts on other blogs that are "Credentialed Bloggers" by the RNC. Although I'm not too sure that they are non-partisan.
posted by Steve_at_Linnwood at 8:45 PM on August 31, 2004

Thanks Steve. I had heard about such a blog but my Google-fu failed in finding that.
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Here's another site that aggregates all the credentialed blogger posts.
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also feedster
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Here are feeds from the counter-convention.

(via matt)
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Gothamist has been all over the photoblogs.

BoingBoing occasionally posts some roundup-type links, too, but I think they're all covered in Matt's post.

And a media worker's photo album (self-link).
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Hey, so the feeds from the counter-convention is more of a proof of concept-turned-record for me. I did it up to prove to myself how easy it would be to use RSS to "roll your own newspaper." I am slowly updating it, but more for myself than anything else. So if anyone else finds it useful, then great!
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