Help be find a bag to buy for my girlfriend
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She wants shoulder bag, but it needs to be cute, light and simple.

She's desirous of a shoulder bag, or possibly a backpack. Here are her specifications:

- Doesn't have to be very big or have tons of compartments, simple preferred
- Must be cute, but not little-kid cute, just stylish
- As light as possible

I'm aware of Timbuk2's custom bags, so tell me about other stuff I may not have heard of. Price is not much of an issue, but let's keep it < $500.
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Check for something on - there are lots of original pieces on there and something called alchemy, where you can request a custom pieces that will fit your girlfriend's style perfectly.
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Skip leather, as it's heavy even when the bag is empty. If she's fussy about her clothes, skip velcro closures as a misaligned velcro closure rubbing along your side will ruin your clothes.

I love Holly Aiken's bags, myself.
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You might look at some of the selections from Crumpler. My current shoulder bag of choice is the Maurice, which is very light and surprisingly roomy for a bag that doesn't look that large.

For something really different-looking, check out some of the bags at Boblbe-e.
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I love Morelle's Simple & Desirable bags on etsy. Well made, roomy, lightweight, and attractive.
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I'm not sure if this is quite what you mean by shoulder bag, but I've been very happy with my purse from this Etsy shop.
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Queen Bee makes some pretty cool stuff.
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My 24-year-old wife has two seatbelt bags from Harveys. She gets compliments almost every time we go out.

She's got the Medium Tote Army and the Large Satchel Treecycle. LOVES them.
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I have this bag and I love the hell out of it. I have the red pattern with flowers and skulls and it's freaking gorgeous. Lightweight, holds just enough stuff (though really, it could be a tad bigger and I wouldn't complain) and practical for spending lots of time in the company of public transportation.
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A couple of companies that are similar in style to Timbuk2:

Tom Bihn bags. Check out the Imago.

Also, my wife really likes her bag from Overland.
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(Err, the pattern I have is this one)
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Sherpani makes great bags - sort of like Timbuk2 but more girly and stylish.
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I have a serious love for Orla Kiely, a British designer. Her signature line of bags are a laminate canvas, which is both light weight and very sturdy. Her designs are cute and fresh without being childish. This is one of her typical shoulder bags, although I find the sling to be a bit more practical. Anthropologie is one of the retailers who carry her in the US.
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I live in Indiana and these purses are all the rage. They're locally made in Fort Wayne by the Vera Bradley foundation and all the proceeds go to support breast cancer. I'm a dude so I never really understood em, they look alright I guess but all the girls down here have at least one.
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Response by poster: From the Orla Kiely sling bag description:
Please Note: Avoid bag in direct contact with dark clothing.
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I'd say anything fabric sold on Etsy is wonderful. I co-worker has a bag from Valerie Ann designs and absolutely loves it.
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Splatgirl on Etsy has wonderfully colorful messenger bags (and other handmade items).
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I have three variations of bags from Moop, owned and operated/sewn by one woman, available on Etsy and Supermarket. Simple, various sizes/shapes, handmade!
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I will second Queen Bee. I have two of their bags (and a wallet) and I'm a huge fan.
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Too add to the pile of etsy suggestions, I recently bought my girlfriend a coinpurse from fieldofroses. Quite gorgeous, super well-made, and I can't overstate the friendliness and helpfulness of the seller.
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Le Sportsac? They have all kinds of designs to choose from, and they're super light with lots of pockets. I have the Deluxe Everyday Bag and it's really convenient. Handbags. Backpacks.
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I just got this Simple Bag and really like it. One big pocket and one smaller pocket. Nice company philosophy too.
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