Pay-Only Seafair?
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Seattle Mefites: Seafair is happening this weekend. Can you watch the boat races and airshow from other locations around the lake such as Mercer Island? Or do you have to pay the $30 to watch the festivities from the official Lake Washington Blvd area in order to really enjoy it?
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You can't watch the boat races, but you can definitely watch the Blue Angels from Groveland Park on the West coast of Mercer Island (whoo whoo represent!!).
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Definately too far to watch from Mercer Island (at least from the lid)
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go to Volunteer Park, climb the water tower (it is almost at the same height as the space needle) and watch the blue angels from up there.
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There are basically four options:
1. Boat on the log boom -- But at this point on Friday, you'd be lucky to be able to anchor next to a boom.

2. Pay -- with the rest of the rabble. But you'll be able to see everything.

3. Find a friend who lives on the hill in that part of Rainier Valley. Good luck with that.

4. Stay home and bitch and whine about the Blue Angels and the hydros. The NEW Seattle hipster sport!

MI would be too far away for the boats. If you just want to see the Angels, MI would be fine, as would pretty much anything between I-90 and Seward Park.
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It won't help you with the hydros, but Colman Park is an easily accessible, and never too crowded place to catch the Blue Angels.
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There ARE public areas along Lake Washington's south-western shore, perfect for viewing the airshow and hydros. Only problem is, that's where everyone else will be, too. If you can get yourself to the periphery and walk in, it's basically a big sweaty street festival in there. Food booths, shoulder-to-shoulder crowds, etc.

But you're right there for the airshow & hydros, no question!

The official Seafair website has a great detail map of public/private location near the pit area. The link is at the bottom of this page. (It says "Oasis Map 2008", but it's a good detail of the neighborhood.)
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