Education giving in Miami?
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My organization is searching for foundations or individual donors in the Miami area who fund education related projects in Miami-Dade. Do you know of any?

We have applied at about 5 foundations in the city for grants, but have had little luck so far, mostly because we can't seem to locate that many. I don't want to name them here, but am looking for ideas on ones we may have overlooked.

Does anyone know of foundations or individual donors that make grants in Miami-Dade, especially for education? Any and all names would be appreciated.

We're a 501(c)3.
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This is what Foundation Center is for.
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Response by poster: Yup, already worked through there. I'm trying to see if I've missed any names.
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Since you aren't specific on what kind of educational program that you're looking for funding for this may not be a good resource, but in case it might apply, the Miami-Dade Department of Cultural Affairs has a Youth Arts Enrichment Grant. The deadline is next week.

Also, look into the Florida OASIS system, which is state funding.
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What kind of research have you already done? When you say you've been through the Foundation Center, have you actually used their search cabability or have you just used the free stuff online? Your local public library will have a subscription; usually if you're a public library member you can access all their subscriptions from your own desk. Otherwise, spend an afternoon there. Hard to believe you've only come up with 5 foundations funding education in Miami-Dade. Also, have you tried collecting annual reports of other organizations in your sector?
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