Creative Name for Exotic Dance Class
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My friend is a Yoga instructor and ex-exotic dancer who is going to start teaching pole dancing exercise classes and yoga classes at local gyms. She needs a name for the classes and a name for her business that will be socially acceptable in Georgia.
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Well, for the yoga classes, calling them "yoga" is surely acceptable. :) How about "Pole Yoga"?
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For the class, how about Pole Stars, which is a play on an astronomical term. Beyond reproach!

Especially if her business name is somehow related. Stellar Yoga. Heavenly Bodies. And so forth.
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If she's in Atlanta metro, or another more urban area in Georgia, the bar for socially acceptable is pretty easy to clear. Dance 411 has a pole class that's pretty strightforward in name, I think, and there's Pole-la-teaze or however it's spelled (playing on pilates).

I dig the Heavenly Bodies themed- suggestions.
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Would "Pole Position" appeal to the NASCAR crowd?
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Yeah, "Pole Stars: for all your Heavenly Bodies!" has a nice ring to it.
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I like pole stars, too. The logo can be polaris.
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I like the wink nudge sound of the "Pole-La-Tease" one. I don't think the star theme translates as well for the pole dancing class. Any more "play on words" type name suggestions?
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Opposites Attract? (tag line - Earthly Pole Dancing for YOUR Heavenly Body).
Flexible Sluts? <> Polga?
Polasana? (asana being the name for yoga poses)

So there's obviously a reason I don't make up business names for a living - but I'm actually really good at naming subdivisions.
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Where is this? I would sign up in a heartbeat. Seriously. email me!
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Well, there's cat and cat-tilt yoga poses, and there's polecats and there's the whole, um, pussy Pole Cat Studios or Pussycat Tilt or something?

If you wanna go classy yet possibly blasphemous, something related to Nataraja?
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Just to clarify, PoleLaTeaz is a real pole dance studio in NW ATL.

What about Danda?
Pole Prana? Pole Shakti?

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Stretch of the Imagination.
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Just keep putting stuff down on paper until you narrow it down.

Hip Hip
Stripped Ease
Belly up to the bar, girls
Blue Peel
In Every Sense
Complete Sense
Monkey Bars
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So, I've decided that the yoga classes offered by PoleCat Studios are called PoleCat Stretch and the dances classes PoleCat Strut. Also, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi is playing in the onsite daycare.
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A polecat is a skunk, just so you know.
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Yes, don't use polecat. I nearly spit out my tea when I saw that!
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