What's going on with my digestive system?
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Why am I pooping SO MUCH all of a sudden? Diet, exercise, and general lifestyle have remained constant. Grossness inside.

Suddenly, I'm going several times a day rather than once a day or every other day (which is how it's been my entire adult life, with no ill effects). It seems healthy - solid, easy, flawless victory-friendly - but the sheer frequency/quantity is freaking me out. There has been no significant change in any area of my life - as always, my diet is mostly clean and whole-food focused with plenty of fiber, I get occasional to frequent exercise, I sleep a little less than I should, I'm moderately stressed out, I drink a lot of water and some booze, I take no medications. My weight has not changed. Clearly, though, something has changed pretty radically in the way I process food. I'd like to know:

1) What could cause this kind of shift?


2) What does it mean? Given that the input is the same, does it mean I'm processing less of what I'm taking in, or more? Less or more thoroughly? Should I be worried?

Very mysterious! Your body shouldn't just go changing things up on you like that. Anyone have some insight?
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I don't have insight but I would embrace it, particularly if you aren't leaving a load of afterbirth. If you have Angel dumps, then enjoy them.
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Pooping is good. Cleanses the body. And there's nothing wrong with having a lot of poo. Just be sure not to clog the toilet ;)
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Are you sure you aren't under some stress? If you were an animal, and had no other changes, I would assume you were under stress.

Unless... have you started drinking a new energy drink or something? Some of those "all natural" plants can have dramatic effects.
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Have you changed your meal freqency?

Cause if I skip breakfast, and eat a big meal every night, it's once a day. If I eat a regular breakfast, and even out my mid day and evening meals, it's twice.
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If there truly is nothing different then I would take a serious look at the water your drinking, if it's tapwater take it to a lab to get it analyzed.
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A little less sleep and moderate stress - is this since you started pooping more? Because I've found nothing keeps me chained to the throne more than stress. Everyone is different though, my stomach is my achilles heel when I'm stressed out.
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something has changed pretty radically in the way I process food

How old are you? If you're about thirty, give or take a few years, yeah, digestion just changes a bit. But bring it up with your doc next time you have a physical.
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Have you recently taken antibiotics for any reason?
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Are you female? Could you be about to get your period?
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Are you drastically losing weight because of this? Like, more than a pound or two a week? If so, uh, doctor time.
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Crohn's disease
or Colitis?

Watch out especially if you find yourself dropping pounds like crazy.
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i know you said nothing has changed in your diet, but to be honest sometimes we overlook or don't always pay attention to the details, so i'm wondering ie how many calories, how many meals a day, etc,. and eating lots of fiber can only encourage more frequent bowel movements, esp with lots of water.
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Dysentery, Crohn's, and colitis all have one symptom in common: Pain. If there's no pain, there's probably no problem.

Nthing that you mention it to your doctor during your next physical. If you're really worried, make an appointment to see your doctor sooner about this one issue. But, my intuition tells me that you're fine.
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