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Columbus, Ohio: need pedicure, yoga, and bar recommendations.

I'm going to Columbus for a wedding this weekend. I am staying in the Arena area, on North High St. I'm looking for the following within walking distance:

*Yoga studio. Preferably vinyasa (not Bikram).
*Nail salon. Can be low-tech, as long as it's clean and does pedicures.
*Bar/pub. Place to catch up with an old friend. He lives there but is very new to the area. I'm not against younger people, but would prefer something other than the fraternity-house-extension college places.

Do these exist in this area? Thanks for your help!
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Bar/Pub : Walk straight up North High to Betty's.

The closest Yoga studio : VPower. I haven't been there, though. There's also Yoga On High, and I've personally been to AlphaState over on 3rd.

Nail Salons : All the ones I've been to have been in sort of strip mall areas in the suburbs, can't help with this one.
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Excellent! Thanks!
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Betty's is amazing, I second that.
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I forgot to mention - this weekend is the monthly Gallery Hop - so everything in the Short North is going to be packed Saturday evening. If you want to go to Betty's, early afternoon Saturday or sometime on Sunday would be your best bet!
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Barley's Brewing company is close, and wonderful if you like beer at all.
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