Visualizations from older MS media player loaded into version 11?
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Windows Media Player 11 -- I (foolishly, it seems) allowed MS to update to the newer media player. I hardly ever use these bloated monsters, but sometimes, at night, I enjoyed one of the visualizations, and I've used it for years. In the latest and greatest media player from MS, it is not available. Where can I get the 'old' visualizations, and how/where to I install said visualizations so I can once again use the only thing I care about their media player? Alternately, can I install an older MS media player on this machine once this new one has its hooks into my puter, and how do I install an older media player, and where do I get it? I'd rather use the latest, as I'm sure it's more up to date against whatever hacks someone may come up with; that said, I want my dang visualization back.
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I'm not sure if this will help but:

Oldversion archive of Windows Media Player
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I have never tried doing this but my initial guess would be that you could uninstall version 11 through "Add/Remove Programs" in the Control Panel, then download version 10 from the Microsoft web site and install it. (But there might be a way to get the visualizations working in 11 too, I've just never played around with that stuff.)
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Best answer: WMP is a Windows component, as opposed to an application program, which basically means that MS is not willing to give you a way to uninstall it. However, you can uninstall the update that took your WMP from version 10 to version 11, and doing this will leave you with the previous version working again.

I hardly ever use these bloated monsters

Sound choice.
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Response by poster: Thanx ya'll -- removed the version 11 and it rolled back to version 9, I've got my visualization back. FWIW, what I like to use for most all music is Media Player Classic -- it's fast and plays everything and doesn't always try to 'call home' to Apple or MS.

Great answers -- thank you hive!

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