I am looking for recommendations on where to store and work on a motorcycle during the winter.
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I have a motorcycle (1983 bmw r100) that I would like to protect from the harsh Massachusetts winter. I would also like to take this time to do some work on the bike. I do not have a garage so I need to rent a place. Am I able to do repairs on a vehicle in a self storage facility? If not can you think of the type of place that would allow this?
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I can only speak for the self storage place where I keep my classic car in one of their bays (not intended for cars, although not prohibited) You can work on your car as long as you don't get oil or anything into the adjacent bays. I toss a little kitty litter on the ground under the engine and they happily take my money each month.
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I am in NY north of the city.
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Especially with a fine classic bike like this, you would certainly not be the first person to wheel it into your kitchen or living room to perform these operations.

Just put it on a piece of plywood, plastic, and/or old carpet.

It'll take up some space, but you'll have a great conversation piece during the process.
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I don't know where in MA you are, but if you're in the/a city, a lot of condos--either the management or individual owners--rent out parking spaces if they aren't being used. I almost rented one this way and would have kept a car and MC in it. What you want to look for besides proximity to where you live is easy access, 24 hours a day. For residential places this is almost assured. Sometimes you can put a flier up in the lobby to let people know you're looking. As long as you keep the area relatively clean (no major oil puddles as JohnnyGunn suggests), you're probably fine.

I don't know anything about self storage facilities, but would imagine the ones where you can drive up to each individual, garage-sized bay would be perfect. Most of the ones I know in town are mazey warrens where you walk to a small unit.
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Are you a Yankee Beemer? (If not, you should be. Nice people and a good chunk of people who have older R-bikes.) I'd ask on the YB forums or at a meeting.
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