Help me get my man drunk
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How do I find out the cost of booze in (Chattanooga) Tennessee when I'm in (Ottawa) Ontario?

I want to surprise Mr.Abbril with the gift of booze. Mr. Abbril has expressed a desire for both Macallan 12yr. and Woodford Reserve. Mr. Abbril's parents will be driving from Ottawa to Tennessee next month and I thought I could have them pick one or two of these up for me to stash until the next gift giving occasion arises. I've tried googling for a price estimate but with no luck. How can I find out/estimate the cost of these two bottles?
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You could call a liquor store in Chattanooga.
posted by nitsuj at 6:21 PM on July 28, 2008

Thanks for the suggestion. I HATE cold calling places. That's one reason I love email so much :) I also don't relish the thought of the long distance charges.
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Then email one of those places. Several of those stores listed in nitsuj's links seem to have websites - one of them might have an active website address, like this one.
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Bevmo to the rescue!

Search for Macallan and Woodford.
You can even buy it online and have someone pick it up at the store for you.

I hate talking on the phone too. Bah!
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I think your best bet is to impose on someone who doesn't hate calling places as much. I tried a couple but they're closed; surely someone on MeFi or someone you know could help you out tomorrow.

If they're driving to Tennessee and back, they could pick up some liquor at the Duty Free shop at the border coming home; I don't know about the Macallan but I got a litre of Woodford Reserve for $38 there. If you really want to be frugal, check liquor stores in the states they'll be passing through, since prices can vary from state to state and you might find a better deal.
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I live in Chattanooga; want me to pop in a liquor store and ask?
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Not exactly Chattanooga, but I seem to recall liquor stores in Knoxville (about 90 miles north-ish, and in the same state/same taxes) having Woodford for around 45 bucks.
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If they're driving between the two, you might consider stopping in Kentucky for liquor purchases. At least when I lived there (having grown up in Tennessee, and moving back there after KY) liquor taxes were lower, and prices in general were lower. Also, Woodford Reserve is a KY product, and bourbon was ALWAYS cheaper in KY than TN for me. If they're coming down through Louisville or Lexington, Liquor Barn has a giant selection, and for me always had great prices.
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Going back and checking the Liquor Barn 'Partyline' newsletter, in the latest one available they lista 750ml bottle of Woodford Reserve for $27.99
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