Why does my pan, heating, smell like lighter fluid?
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Just started heating a newish stainless steel Alclad pan and noticed a weird smell as I was throwing onions into them (I've used it a few times before, and have never noted any strange odor). The best description I can think of for the smell is a charcoal grill, or lighter fluid. There was a whitish residue on the pan before I started cooking, which I thought was just hard water markings, but it could have been dish soap, too. Can soap smell like this when heated in a dry pan?

The carbon monoxide detectors haven't gone off (just tested them, too: they're working, and they're loud), so I'm not sure what this strong smell is.

I guess the bottom line is: should I eat these caramelized onions? Also good to know: what is this smell, is it dangerous?
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Can't help you with the onions, but I have a similar pan, and I use "Bar Keepers Friend" to keep it shiny and residue free.

Could there have been a piece of food stuck to the bottom of the pan or on the burner? Maybe the onions were bad. Maybe the oil you used has gone funny?
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Not some sort of cleaning substance on the burner or under it?
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It may have had some residual oil underneath the pan, but I did smell under the pan (to smell the gas), and the odor was not apparent. The smell was most apparent when I dug my nose into the mess of onions.
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Re: the food on the bottom, or on the burner: the smell was actually stronger _in_ the pan.

Re: the onions being bad. They seemed pretty good. And the smell came from the pan, I think, before the onions entered them.

Re: the oil being bad. I think the smell appeared before the oil hit the pan, as well.
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FYI, carbon monoxide is odorless. However, onions are full of volatile chemicals which may be reacting to something in the metal of your pan.
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I have smelled this before with my AllClad pans and it was when I got the pan too hot with nothing in it. No advice on safety, but I have definitely smelled that smell.
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I have one AllClad pan and a few other shiny stainless pans. They get that whitish residue if I so much as look at them funny, but the Barkeeper's Friend cleans it up. So I doubt it was soap, personally.
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Seconding agentwills.
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