Looking for "house-warming" gift ideas for someone who just signed the lease on a new artist studio space.
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I am looking for gift ideas for my boyfriend who is moving into his new studio soon.

He won't be living there. It is just a work space. He's fully prepared with supplies- which are quite bulky and will take up a lot of space (type cabinets and huge letterpress machines).

I'd like to get him something small as "studio-warming" gift. I am the more organized and business-oriented one in the relationship. And since he definitely needs help in that area, a gift that will help keep him organized (w/ time-management, money, etc) could be a good idea. However, something funny or cute is totally an option as well. Bonus points if it's related to letterpress.

Other than offering my time in helping him paint, move boxes etc. is there anything else he might find especially useful for his new space?

You can email me at studiowarminggift@gmail.com if you want to know more. Thanks in advance!
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I assist a few artists in their studios and I'd say that beyond supplies, some things that improve the quality of work-life are:

- a phone that receives e-mail, so you don't feel cut off from everything while you're working. this is also good for organization, especially if it syncs with the home computer and includes calendars and such.

- a mini-fridge for lunch, drinks, snacks

- lunch, drinks, snacks (or gift card for local coffee shop?)

- music! podcasts! (an ipod dock, a radio, a CD player and a book of discs...)

- additional supplies like a folding ladder, broom and dustpan, multi-pack of paper towels, spray cleaner, bottled water, cups, plates, chopsticks/forks (disposable unless there's a slop sink for washing up), comfy chair for resting and thinking, good lighting, whiteboard for to-do lists and notes.
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Maybe a storage cube like this. Studios usually mean that every item needs to have maximum utility.
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A simple green plant goes a long way in making a space feel inviting and warm. Plus, see, he'll have to go to his studio with at least some regularity to water it.
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Seconding the plant, if you think he'll remember to water it. Actually, decorations in general: anything to make the place a little homier. A poster related to his work—perhaps something illustrating the families of type, or just showing one of the classics like Helvetica—might work, and takes up zero floor space.

Other than that, xo's advice sounds spot-on.
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If he likes coffee or tea, try an electric teakettle. I have a Braun WK200 and I care for it deeply.
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As a working painter with a studio in the bad part of town, I second the suggestions of a dorm room frig and a plant. These make a studio much more welcoming.
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The electric tea kettle is a great idea. I couldn't live without mine. However, I prefer the Japanese-style kettles (here's one). You fill them with water and forget about them until they're empty. Very convenient, and the newer insulated ones don't use much electricity to keep the water hot.
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