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Any way to save the voicemails on my iPhone to my macbook pro?

Problem: I have a lot of saved voicemails on my phone that I'd rather not delete. But my memory is getting full.

Is there a solution to this? I'm running 2.0 software.

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You will need to jailbreak your iPhone, install SSH and copy the files off of ~/Library/Voicemail
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Presumably you could record them. Headphone-out from the iPhone to line-in on the Mac. Use a simple audio recorder/editor (perhaps "Audacity") to save the sound files to disk.
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My Mum wanted some messages taped and I was able to do it with Skype and Call Recorder from ecamm
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Well, assuming they're also saved to t-mobiles voicemail service (and I admit I don't have an iPhone so I don't know if this is a good assumption) you can use something like Its free, downloads your voicemails to their online service, and then you can save each one there or on your computer.
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Lifehacker, who are MeFi fans, posted a guide to the process this morning.
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