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German grammar check: free online tools or Mac freeware/shareware? I have fairly solid German; goal is polishing drafts I'm writing in German, not translating from scratch. Seeking best stopgaps for when I can't afford or barter for a human's time. (And I don't have an MS Office CD with German tools.)
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Ultralingua's Grammar Checker is $30 and has a free trial.

OS X 10.5 (Leopard) has a built-in English grammar checker, so it's possible that they'll add a German one eventually, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Even the German version of OS X only includes an English grammar checker.
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You should definitely check out WikiTranslate. It will first run your text through the Google translation engine, and then users in the community who speak German will correct the mediocre job that Google does.

That way you get to see the best edits done by the community, as well as the history of corrections.
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