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Gatco shaving mirrors - good quality?

I'm considering buying a mirror like this for my honey to use as a shaving mirror. Out in the local shops, I've seen a huge range of quality, and prices ranging from $19.99 to $238.

I'd like to buy something that will last, not have loose joints, and not corrode in the moist bathroom atmosphere.

Can anyone recommend/de-recommend Gatco hardware like this? Any specific shaving mirrors to recommend?

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I use a $3.99 double sided mirror from a drugstore, attached to the shower wall with a industrial strength suction cup. Running the mirror under the water prior to shaving keeps it fog free for more than enough time to shave. Not expensive or fancy, but 100% functional.

Wouldn't make much of a gift though :)
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Ikea have their own version of this product, called the "Fr├Ąck". It's far cheaper and would probably work just as well.

(The Ikea version is also Bill Adama's shaving mirror in the new BSG, for obvious reasons.)
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Response by poster: to be clear: I'm not looking for a shower/steam-resistant mirror. It's main function would be to get close to the shaver near the sink (post-shower). The wall-mounting is actually mirror, mounted on some kind of extendable arm, and the arm mounted to the wall.
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Response by poster: Thanks, dansdata - that looks promising, although for $9.99 I wonder how good it could be. I worry that the complex joint mechanism will loosen too much over time, or that the edges of the mirror will corrode and turn black.

I'm wondering if anyone has actual, months-long (at least) experience with one of these products.
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I haven't had any problems with the Ikea one, over 5 years of ownership. No rusting, warping or any BS like that. For 10 bucks, you don't even have to believe me to try it out!
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Response by poster: sunshinesky - is it loose/droopy on its hinge?
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Not yet!
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